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Mon 8 Feb 2021
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[ADULT-EXTREME] Barbaric Castle - FFRP
Barbaric-Castle is an 18 + realistic medieval, non-fantasy, free-form roleplay room. Non-fantasy means all-human characters.

The game is set in the Northern Highlands of what is now Scotland, in the 8th Century. The fierce ruler of these savage lands is intent on submitting the locals to his will as well as to expand his influence and power. This basic history is all you need to know to get started.

As you see, it's an easy game to join: all you need is to think of a character you'd like to play, fill out a basic character sheet which remains opens to you for future development and you're all set. Our core story is simple, you don't need to read tons of backstory to get in and, except for future plot events, FFRP by definition doesn't require a DM.

We are currently at the starting point, so pretty much all characters are needed:
-The Laird/ruler (he can be anything, from a freshly established young heir to a seasoned psychopath)
-Female Indentured servants
-A rivaling lord/king
-Castle residents & visitors

BC isn't for the faint of heart, and it often presents extreme contents and mindsets typical of the time, some of which might be upsetting to some users and are in no way endorsed by the RP's admins. We only are a group of fanatic historical writers.

Our adult-only live-chat based room can be accessed on IRC (internet Relay Chat) on the irc.darkmyst.org network. You can join it either with the mIRC freeware, a Java applet or mobile applications like Colloquy. The main room is listed as #Barbaric-Castle, and you're also required to join #BC-OOC for all out-of-character related matters. You can also find us on Discord (Barbaric Castle) and on elliquiy.com for our other adult-only outlets, and we've also got a simple base PG 13 forum on barbaric-castle.boards.net.

We're looking forward to meet you!

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