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Fri 16 Apr 2021
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USS Amsterdam (Adult Star trek ERP SIM)
The year is 2389. Two years ago a massive supernova in the Hobus system destroyed several systems including the Romulus system and the Star empire's two homeworlds Remus and Romulus.
The last two years the United Federation of Planets has been diverting a large part of its resources to deliver humanitarian aid. Sadly, the Klingon empire has recently changed its stance and has started to (re)take Romulan systems to expand its own powerbase.
Though officially the two factions are aligned, there is a growing fear among the Federation leadership that the Klingons will use the shifted balance of power to reignite the war.
In order to prepare, Starfleet command has built a modified Intrepid class ship called the Amsterdam. Its mission is to explore the Gamma quadrant in the hope of fining new territory and new allies to help in the inevitable war.
The Amsterdam's main objective is to search for a location to build an initial diplomatic base from where to start negotiations with the factions that control the quadrant in the wake of the dominion's collapse.

USS Amsterdam is an ERP server using the NOVA rpg management system. The game focuses on the exploration of a new sector of space, and colonising a part of it. But we also will spend loads of time on interpersonal relations and conflicts, just like the series we take inspiration from.

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