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Wed 21 Jul 2021
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VtM Discord Game
New York: five Boroughs, five factions, countless problems. Religious fanatics in the Sabbat trying to 'convert' you, Anarchs with more bullets than brains, and Independents who...who knows what they're doing. Add in the chaos that is the Bronx, and it's a wonder the Prince managed to keep Manhattan safe at all.

It wasn't just the other sects. It took more than a century for the Camarilla to take control of one Borough; it took less than a day for the Elders to begin scheming how to overthrow the person who won it. Her ideas were too modern, she cared more about money than status, and was willing to work with the other sects. She got results--quite a few Anarchs cared less about their ideals than they did getting off the streets--but results hardly mattered to those who saw a mockery of their traditions.

For those smart enough, brave enough, it is a golden age. The Camarilla have never been so stable in New York, and never so afluent. Everyday Neonates and Ancilla from other areas pass through their immigration offices seeking something better than the staid politics of other cities.

It is not, however, for the faint of heart. Ambitious Neonates, scheming Ancilla, and powerful Elders all plot against each other to take what they want. The truce with the other sects is only as binding as one's ability to defend it. More than a few over-confident Kindred have left the city as quickly as they arrived, and even more were never heard from again. For many, however, the risks are worth the rewards. The opportunity is great, the swings of fortune drastic, and the parties wild. If one can surive, they can thrive.

This is a West Marches style VtM v20 Play-By-Post game set in New York. All sects are represented, but currently we are looking to fill out the Camarilla. There are set events as needed to join in, and all characters start with an introductory event or prelude, but they will be free to discover the city and interact with other characters in a more sandbox setting as well. Most clans and bloodlines will be considered with a good story, and only Baali are outright banned. All first characters must be 10th generation or above. The players and ST's are a small but very active, friendly group of great role-players, and very happy to help newer players. rMail me if you're interested!