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Thu 16 Sep 2021
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Belgrade by Night: a V20 VtM Discord Game
Belgrade by Night is a Vampire the Masquerade game using V20 mechanics with some minor additions from DAV20, it's done in the style of Play-by-Post with (occasional Voice Sessions included) the server uses the English language, both out-of-character and in-character.

It's based in the city of Belgrade, with a completely custom lore. The players may choose to play one of the 13 Major Clans, their variations, rare Bloodlines, Caitiff, Ghouls and Mortals. This is primarily a Neonate/Ancillae game. The year is 2004. The Camarilla has had a recent change in leadership and is in the process of rebuilding. There is a growing community of the Anarch Movement with the ambition to create a Free State. There is an armistice signed between the two Sects, who are currently trying to coexist. The Sabbat is threatening the borders of the city. Independents and Autarkis are tolerated in the city.
The XP is rewarded weekly with a potential to gain more through plotlines.

We are still a young server looking to grow the community, and craft the story through player characters. We offer an immersive plot to all characters, regardless of Clan, Sect or background.

Players of any skill level are always welcome. Both new players, and veterans of the game can join and help us craft a better story.

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