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Tue 18 Jan 2022
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Seeking GM for Duo Game (Discord)
Hi, I'm Zoot, and there's something I've been wanting to play in Pathfinder ever since a certain third-party book came out:  A dragon!

"That's crazy," I hear everyone say. "Truly, you are person made in equal parts of bananas and nonsense." Yeah, probably, but hear me out.

In 2014, Rite Publishing released a Pathfinder sourcebook called In the Company of Dragons. It covered a new race called the Taninim, a sort of planar cousin to the True Dragons of Golarion (or any other D&D-derived setting) whose unique classes progressed them in power like a material plane dragon would progress by growing older. A great deal of care was taken to make this progression balanced, and I think they did a serviceable job! Opposite a normal player character made with the standard rules, one of them is still a dragon, but it's as close as I think mortal minds could ever come to giving a player the full scaly sky-lizard experience without using actual monster stats.

Now, the lore of the Taninim as a species, indeed the lore of Golarion, isn't all that important to this request. I don't particularly care about playing a Taninim or about their unique planar realm, I just want to steal their mechanics so that there's a proper 1-20 class/race combo we can use for the progression of this character. If there's a GM out there who reads this and thinks it actually might be a fun story to tell, please know that I am down to be a traditional, hoard-building, countryside-burninating monster; a dark and clever beast with grand ambitions; a good(ish) and noble(again, ish, it really depends on the type) metallic navigating the difficulties of the world; a secret guardian to a party of adventurers or maybe a city; the companion of a dragon rider; or whatever niche is appropriate in your setting of choice. I would be absolutely delighted to work with a GM on a fun story idea that we'll both enjoy exploring as long as it includes my character being an actual, factual dragon using the Pathfinder 1e game system.

As for the Duo aspect of the title, I've got a friend who would like to play as well. He's not a total dragon fangirl like I am so he'll probably want to play a more traditional character. I have no compunctions about him levelling up faster than me or getting his own special character options in the name of everyone having a good time.

This post is also up in the on-site LFGM forum, if you would prefer to play on RPoL.

I hope someone out there thinks this sounds fun, because it is a dream game for me. If you're interested and want to discuss more, or get information about the book I mentioned, or even if you have an existing game that this might fit into, please don't hesitate to PM me.

I have been Zoot, and I thank you for reading.