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Wed 15 Jun 2022
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Looking for adult games on Discord
Hi all!

I am looking to start up or join some games on Discord, as the title states, mostly for the mobile-friendly interface and easier back-and-forth. :)

Things I am open to/looking for:

  • One-on-one or solo games. Would love to be a player in these but I can also DM depending on what (if any) system we choose to use.
  • Larger group games
  • Modern or unusual settings, including original worlds that have some form of modern technology, Sci fi, etc. If you have an idea I'd love to hear it! Ye Olde traditional dnd/pathfinder setting is fine but I really want to branch out.
  • Less dice rolls and more heavy RP
  • World exploration and problem solving
  • Somewhat frequent posting - doesn't need to be daily, but frequent would be great.
  • Making internet friends :D
  • Adult content (I. E. sexual themes and other mature content as described in RPOL's FAQ's. I'm not looking to exclusively RP sexual content, but I do love some good smut when it makes sense for the story and character/s and would prefer games open to this possibility)
  • Other themes of interest to me: Faeries/faerie tales/Fae, ~space~ and aliens, cyborgs, modernized magic use, romance, worlds where many different types of magical/supernatural creatures exist, etc.

As for game systems, I am open to not using one at all, or I am familiar with the following:

  • Chronicles of darkness or nWoD games and offshoots (including using rulesets from the same but in an original world setting), especially CtL, VtR, and Mage
  • Godbound
  • Pathfinder 1E (preferably used only loosely/rules lite)

Please hit me up via Discord if you're interested! @Aryiea#5372 or you can rmail me, but be aware I don't check my rmail nearly as often. Those under 18 years of age need not apply.

Thanks for reading!

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