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Wed 14 Sep 2016
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Stars Without Number Damage
Damage doesn't seem particularly clear to me. I'm aware that you add your Str or Dex to hit with a weapon as appropriate. Once you hit, do you also add your Str or Dex to the damage, as well?

My Dex is 17, for +1. I'm using a Knife, which is a 1d4 Str/Dex weapon. I deal 1d4+1 for my Dex when I stab someone. I can throw my knife for ranged combat, so do I deal 1d4+1 damage at range? When I fire a 1d6 laser pistol, am I doing 1d6+1?
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Thu 15 Sep 2016
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Stars Without Number Damage
If you throw you knife, you will deal 1d4+1. If you fire the laser pistol, you will deal 1d6+1. Your attribute is added to both the to-hit roll and the damage roll.
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Thu 15 Sep 2016
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Stars Without Number Damage
Brilliant, thank you. :D
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Wed 8 Mar 2017
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Stars Without Number Damage

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