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Tue 27 Mar 2018
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Star Trek Adventures - NPC Momentum
So in Star Trek Adventures, successes beyond the difficulty grant you Momentum. If you don't spend them immediately, they go to the group Momentum pool. Meanwhile, it says NPCs add their unspent Momentum to the GM's Threat pool instead, and that NPCs can spend Threat the way PCs spend Momentum.

What about allied NPCs? Do they spend from group Momentum or from Threat when helping the PCs? And is there a page reference that would help clear this up for me? The book's a bit densely packed, and not organized in a way I find intuitive.
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Tue 27 Mar 2018
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Star Trek Adventures - NPC Momentum
  Per the main book and a sidebar in the Command one...

  Like hostile NPCs, allied NPCs can't save momentum; if they generate extra successes then they have to use it on that action or otherwise apply it immediately. They could add excess to the threat pool but in this case they probably shouldn't!

  They can add to the threat pool rather than spending momentum whenever a situation occurs in which they'd need to do so (just like a PC can whenever they don't have any momentum), but this also shouldn't be done as a matter of course.

  Keep in mind that this assumes that the character isn't under the players' control, even if they aren't a primary PC. Supporting cast types should be run by the players whenever they're on camera, since they're essentially a player resource.

  The Command book has a talent that can give a major NPC a few points of personal threat that can be spent differently depending on whether they're an ally or enemy. (This would count as one of the NPC's talents, so they'd have fewer 'normal' ones.)
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Sun 12 May 2019
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Star Trek Adventures - NPC Momentum

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