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Wed 22 Aug 2018
at 22:46
D&D 5e skills
Question for the group... D&D 5e. Skills. I know the Proficiency bonus goes up as you level up/advance... but is there a process to gain NEW skill proficiencies?
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Thu 23 Aug 2018
at 00:49
D&D 5e skills
Taking the Skilled Feat lets you gain proficiency in any combination of three skills or tools of your choice.
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Thu 23 Aug 2018
at 03:04
D&D 5e skills
Thank you!

So normally you don't learn more skills, you just get better at the skills you know... unless you take the Skilled Feat?
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Thu 23 Aug 2018
at 03:38
D&D 5e skills
Multiclassing can do it.
There's a few class features that grant skill proficiencies, too.
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Fri 24 Aug 2018
at 19:09
D&D 5e skills
In addition, the DMG includes optional rules for spending downtime between adventures. One of those options includes spending time and money with an instructor to gain a skill proficiency.
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Sat 25 Aug 2018
at 06:16
D&D 5e skills
Thanks so much!  That helps greatly. :)
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Sat 22 Sep 2018
at 08:11
D&D 5e skills
If the DM sets it up being part of an organization can gain you a skill.. relative to your current slot [work requirements]