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Thu 19 Sep 2019
at 19:14
How do I add Lurkers to my game?
Just like the title asks. I have a couple of people requesting to be Lurkers in my game so they can still read it and keep up in case I lose players and an opening comes up. I have no problem with that but I have no clue how to add lurkers and can't find the information anywhere in the FAQs. Can anyone help a GM out on this?
Morgan Coldsoul
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Thu 19 Sep 2019
at 20:16
How do I add Lurkers to my game?
Go into your game, and click "GM Menu" in the top right. Then, in that first section labeled "Player and Character Maintenance," you'll see the next-to-last option is "Edit Banned & Lurkers." Click that, and you'll go to options for viewing your current lurkers, changing their access, or adding/removing lurkers. If you're making someone who's already applied to your game a lurker, you can use "Add a Lurker - RTJ" to select them from a list of people who've applied.
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Fri 20 Sep 2019
at 02:53
How do I add Lurkers to my game?
Two recommendations.

First, give yourself a thread in a group no one else has access to. Use it to make a list of your lurkers. Without that, the only place you can see them is in that one page of the GM Menu.

Second, make sure not to delete the "Access to" PM those lurkers sent when they asked for access. (Unless they send you a new PM with a better title.) If you do delete that message, you'll have no way in-game of sending them a PM.