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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 02:06
Username vs Character
I apologize, this might be a dumb question but Iím not quite used to the site. Itís a lot more in-depth than the old roleplay sites I frequented when I was much younger.

I thought my username had to be my characterís name and I would play this character in whatever game would have me. I recently asked to join a game and was asked what my character name would be so now Iím confused. Was my username supposed to be something unrelated to any character and then I just create different characters with that username? Can I have multiple?

I feel silly asking this question but appreciate responses!
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character
Not silly, RPoL has a lot of nice features, and I am sure you will figure them all out given time.

As I understand it your username is Adelphina, and mine is Piestar. You can give each of your characters a unique name, as you  join various games.

Welcome to the site!
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 02:12
Username vs Character
Yes! You can have multiple characters in different games. My RPoL username is Silentmouse, but in one game, I play an Alana, and in another an Isenarra. When requesting to join a game, the GM usually asks you to create a character. That can be anything youíd like, from the one you have in mind to any number of whatever might fit in the game that youíd like to play, and in no way locks you into a single character for any game you play.

Hope this helps!
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character

Hey, hey Adelphina.  Welcome.  ^^ Piestar and silentmouse are spot on.

The only thing that I would add, is that such a system took a little getting used to ó well, at least from other sites that I had roleplayed previously.  As a player, you will not know what other players have been added to the game.  You will game together, of course, but the only visibility you will have of them is the character name they are using in the tale.

Conversely, no one you are playing with will know that the character they are roleplaying with is helmed by the user, Adelphina.

GM's of course can always tell who is who ... since they are the ones adding these players to the game.  But if you end up with a few folks that you would rather not  game with (bad experience, power gamer, just not a good fit, etc) ... there really isn't a good way of figuring out ahead of time if they are in the tale.

In all, a very minor gripe, and one that is far outweighed by the other benefits/features of the site.

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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character
With GM agreement you could even play multiple characters in the same game!

Welcome to the wonders of Rpol.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character
So when I enter a game with another character, when I post, will it appear under that name instead of Adelphina Porter? The game I was a part of, I played as Adelphina Porter, which is why I was confused. Thank you all so much! This has helped so much :)
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 03:01
Username vs Character
Correct, none of your fellow players know you are Adelphina unless you opt to tell them.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character
yep yep..your user just that?.. it is also, for me, My GM name  for my ads..

 when you join a game, no one  knows your user  name , but the GM. Each charcter name has its own Cgaracter  sheet ect ect..if you join a game, that has someone you know, becaus ethey used the same character  name, or told you about would have to tell them  who you are in OOC or PMs.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 06:22
Username vs Character
Some players, in some games, have multiple characters...which would be incredibly confusing if they all had the same name.  That being said, there's nothing that says that you can't use your username as a character name in a's not commonly done, and most people are privacy-conscious enough to desire the additional level of anonymity that having a separate and distinct character name provides.  In one game I'm in, however, several of the players are part of the same Facebook group...which REALLY throws any question of anonymity out the window.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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Username vs Character
In reply to Adelphina (msg # 1):

Hi there, hope you enjoy RPoL.

If you want to change your RPoL username - from the FAQ section:

RPoL Moderators can assist users in getting a new Account Name.  This involves an internal rename, not the creation of a new account.  When an Account is renamed, all of its details remain the same: only the user name changes.  To have your account renamed, send an rMail to the Moderators (using the to/CC moderators option there) detailing your request.
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
at 14:43
Username vs Character
Hiya and welcome. I would say check out the Beginner Forum, but you still have received all the right answers here.  As for your username, that is a name you choose for public roleplay forums such as this.  Your character name is hat you want it to be in that game.

One thing that gets a lot of new players confused is there are loads of roleplay sights over the Web.  The majority of these ve you make a different email for each character you make for that board.  That was a tiresome nightmare to me.

On RPol you use only ONE username, only ONE email, and it is against site rules to have more than ONE login email or name.  It can get you banned either temporarily until you work with the Site Admin and get it fixed.  Same as give your REAL birthdate.  Discrepancies will get you banned.  Some bans are permanent, so make sure you have ONE username for site login, ONE email for the site login, and give your REAL life birthdate.  Those are the rules. We have the best site moderators/Admin that will work with you as long as they can.

If you wish to play in ADULT games then from the first time you signed up to RPol and gave your username, site email, and real age there is a one time two week wait.  After that, you are cleared for all ADULT games if you are 18 or older.

Now, as many have explained, you find a game you might like, and you click the 'request to join' words on that game's menu.  This will give you a PM to the owner/GM of that game.  This is where you present your character bio and work with the GM who when happy with the character will put you in that game as THAT character, or you may have more than one character to a game that you wish to present and play.  GMs have different rule sets, so they are all unique to that game.  But the characters you create for that game are not what you play in the next game, you choose if you want to play in one or more games.  EACH game, you have to go through the Request to Join (RTJ) to take you to the PM for that game.  You can play your character in more than one game if the GM allows it.  Some have rules about that and as I said they all are different per game.  Note that if you leave a game, your character belongs to that game, and it is up to the GM what to do with it.  NEVER leave without telling the GM you are leaving.  The character staying in game is an RPol site rule, and it is the Game Owner (GM) to decide what to do.

I do hope you find what you are looking for and there are thousands of games her, literally, something for everyone.  Everything from System Games to creative writing Freeform!

I know that all those above have helped tremendously, and I hope I have too.  Enjoy RPol it is the best on the Web, at least I think so, and I have played and owned other sites.

RPol Admin/Moderators can be reached through Rmail at any time, so be sure to have your Rmail turned on.  There is a Wanted Players thread that you can put what you are looking for in a game.  There is the Wanted Players that have many games listed, but the search feature there and on the Main Screen at the bottom are great tools to use to find what you are looking for.  In a player post under their pic/avatar, there is the option to click on them to Rmail them to discuss their games.