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09:38, 15th April 2024 (GMT+0)

On Vacation.

Posted by Lluis
member, 7 posts
Tue 7 Jun 2022
at 14:29
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On Vacation

One question to the mods:

next month I inted to go on vacation for a while.

As I play here some fast pace games, I'll probably try to log in from some ciber cafee or similar, but I cannot be sure no one else is logging it from the same IP...

May I have problems for this sporadic (and accidental) sharing IP with another player here (due to the multiple account policy), should the case be?
subscriber, 443 posts
Tue 7 Jun 2022
at 14:34
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On Vacation

I don't think so, but I can't speak with moderator certainty. I know that the spouse and I have checked games from several different locations over the years, including public facilities with lots of users, and it's never been a problem. I wouldn't expect that you'll have any issue.
moderator, 16107 posts
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Tue 7 Jun 2022
at 14:52

On Vacation

In reply to Lluis (msg # 1):

Shouldn't be any problem, as long as the accounts clearly belong to different people, and there is no suspicious activity involving them.
member, 8 posts
Tue 7 Jun 2022
at 15:24
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On Vacation

Thanks for your answers. To both.
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