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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 10:26
happy B-day
I saw a Tiny notcie ...' Happy Birthday RPOL! "..

 Best site out there!
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 11:25
happy B-day
I totally agree about the best site on thee web!  Happy Birthday RPol!  I want to give a huge thank you to Jase and all those Admin, Moderators and developers who are constantly making this site better and enjoyable for ALL of us here.  Thank You again for a job well done!

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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 11:31
happy B-day

My seventh anniversary was six days ago as well!  Yes, 6 days and 7 years ago I RTJ'ed for my first game on RPoL and it's still running strong.
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 17:27
happy B-day
Happy Birthday RPoL!!

Loos like I signed up almost 15 years ago.  Do I get a pin or something?  Watch?  Free AoL disk?
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 17:41
happy B-day
Happy Birthday, RPoL!

Reminder:  It's a good day to buy jase a coffee!
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 17:45
happy B-day
Happy Day of Birth, RPOL!

I would have legit lost my mind (or maybe buried a lot of people in the woods) if it weren't for this site giving me a mental escape.
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 18:01
happy B-day
Happy birthday Rpol!
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 18:09
happy B-day
I try to  buy Kofi a coupletimes a year at elast...its  well worth it for this site!
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Thu 25 Aug 2022
at 21:57
happy B-day
お誕生日おめでとう!  Happy birthday, RPoL!