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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 05:34
xmas decor
 i like the  christmas colors  and the decorations on  the NAme of the site

Merry Christmas..Yule..ect
Lord Arkon
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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 11:09
xmas decor
It's just not the same without the seasonal themes.  :)

Merry Christmas everyone!
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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 12:01
xmas decor
A bit disappointing that the responsive site gets nothing fancy...  =(
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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 13:03
xmas decor
Hopefully that change is coming to the responsive site soon?

But any whooo


to ALL (Whatever Holiday you enjoy)!!

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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 18:16
xmas decor
I wish everyone the most joyous of whatever holiday they enjoy!

We will be having a traditional Yule, which, of course, includes sacrificing an ox to Odin.  (You didn't think that Yule referred to the Christian god, did you?  Oh, no no no, or should I say ho ho ho, which is also an indirect reference to Odin.)
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Sun 25 Dec 2022
at 22:34
xmas decor
We celebrated a traditional Christmas, with a smoked ham, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, etc., as well as a reading from the Bible.

Grateful for this site, those who run it, and my fellow gamers. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.