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Fri 1 Jan 2021
at 06:03
Posting Etiquette
Please adhere to the following guideline for in game posting.

No Mettagaming- this simply means do not have your character react to things they would not know, nor create things in game that have not been described as existing or happening by the GM.

Each player will be assigned a color.  When your character speaks in game, please post their words in color and in bold.  Like this!

During Combat sequences please wait for the order of initiative before you post.  If you are making contingency posts ahead of time, please send these to the GM in private before posting.

Please make sure you read the posts of others before you post, so that the game is not stalled while we wait for you to understand what is happening.

Please follow the posting guidelines of 2 per week minimum, and in combat at least one post per 24 hours.

Please do not become a problematic player who thinks the entire game should revolve around them.  If you can not cooperate with the GM or other players in a reasonable fashion, you will be booted.

Please try to make this experience not just roll play but role play.

If you have an issue with something that happens in the game talk it over with me. I am reasonable.  I have had players leave games before when they did not really understand what was happening and made assumptions before discussing it.

Be friendly, even if your PC is not :)