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These games are ACTIVE and LOOKING FOR PLAYERS with Link to game provided.  Do NOT ask questions here but click on that game link listed to ask questions [or Rmail the GM, contact on Discord].  Thank you and enjoy your FREEFORM gaming experience.

If you find a game is no  longer active then please send me word in a REQUEST TO JOIN and I will look into it and if necessary will remove it from our listings.  Thank you for helping us keep this FREEFORM LIST going properly!

The games found in these lists are solely the responsibility of that GAME OWNER (GM).  I am NOT responsible for any actions in any of the games listed but my own, ladysharlyne.

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YOUR RPol NAME: Savitariuss    DISCORD #: Savitariuss #3104

GAME NAME & LEVELS: The Shattered Kingdom (Adult)

GAME LINK: link to another game

POSTING SPEED: Slow to Moderate (a couple of times a week)

BRIEF ONE PARAGRAPH SYNOPSIS OF THE GAME: Eos is a place rich in lore, treasure and magic, but, it is also rich in danger, for those unfamiliar with the ways of its inhabitants. From the giants and goblins of the Reach to the ogres and trolls of the Dire, and even the Dragons of Duren, the creatures of the land can be very hostile and unforgiving toward those unknown to them. If you're not torn apart for angering the Centaurs in the Dire, by ignoring their customs, you may very well be strung up just for being a nonhuman within the borders of the human nation of Gallica. Despite the dangers, the continent of Eos is a beautiful place graced with many natural wonders: Mountains that touch the sky, endless plains as far as the eye can see, massive expanses of untamed forest, stark white tundra and even large bodies of water deeper than one dares to imagine. In recent years, tensions between the nations of Valeria and Gallica have been flaring, forcing the other nearby nations to choose sides or vie for more peaceful options. Regardless, you and your companions have come together, in hopes of either stopping the war or giving Valeria the advantage by rallying allies to their cause. As simple adventurers, merchants, outcasts, refugees, etc. you have little in the way of political pull. Despite that fact, the party has formed, and your journey is about to begin. There are many obstacles in your path, and many hurdles to jump. But, for now, you have hope, even if time isn't on your side. Will you bring the nations together? Can you stop the war before it starts? Or maybe even form your own army, and rebel against both world powers? There are many ways forward, but only time will tell if you choose the right path, as the Shattered Kingdom splinters yet again.

CHARACTERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR: This game will focus mostly around elves and humans, though the elves in this world are not your traditional type. Other species are welcome, as well. All playable races are mentioned in game, of course.

LOOKING FOR A coGM?:  Not at the moment.

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