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08:16, 23rd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Group Threads.

Posted by patchwolf
member, 45 posts
Sun 12 Feb 2023
at 14:17
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Group Threads

Bit of an oddball question:

I have different groups in my game: Group A, Group C, Group F, and Group J.

I know how to create a thread for a group (i.e.: "group A") when posting a thread.  I'm currently using it to sequester history information.  I have the history of a race in one thread (posted to group A), and currently only members of group A can access that thread.

I'd like to do the same for an organisation, so only members of the same organisation can see that thread.  I have two players (currently in group A and group F) who share membership of the organisation, and I'd like them both to see the history thread.

Is there a way to has a single thread visible to multiple groups, but hidden from all others (e.g: visible to groups A and F, but not visible for groups C and J)?
subscriber, 473 posts
Sun 12 Feb 2023
at 14:22
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Group Threads

You'd need to make another Group just for the Organization thread to represent that. You can't tag a thread to belong to more than one group, but players can be in more than one group. What you need to do is make 'Group B' to represent the Organization, and then add the two players that are in it to Group B in addition to them already being in Groups A and F.
member, 46 posts
Sun 12 Feb 2023
at 15:30
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Group Threads

I suspected as much.  Thanks for confirming.
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