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Mage the Ascension!truemane018:18, Today by the author
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Games/Stuff that I'm looking for...   [first|last]Hunter3010:45, Tue 30 May by Hunter
Solo free-form (slice of life / supernatural)   [last]maroonfox219:32, Mon 29 May by maroonfox
Project Freedom (M&M3E)mesneaky018:07, Mon 29 May by the author
Mazes & Minotaurs   [last]Bannacor701:01, Mon 29 May by Jeffery St. Clair
Loooking for DND 5e gameSir_Zyr004:30, Sun 28 May by the author
5E game   [last]Lord_Sanduzun319:01, Sat 27 May by butter78
Searching for SWADE gamesNu_Fenix013:08, Sat 27 May by the author
Looking for a Game-WoT/Star Wars/DnD/Pathfinder/5e   [first|last]Rez76100:00, Sat 27 May by housejohnson
Level 20 Pathfinder!   [last]Cloudbreaker2122:30, Fri 26 May by Cloudbreaker
Looking for a few games.   [last]7TheDarkQueen7710:10, Thu 25 May by 7TheDarkQueen7
High level NOT SO Dragonlance 3.5 fun   [last]Laditis500:06, Thu 25 May by Laditis
Shadowrun: seeking GM for team   [first|last]Tipihome3811:19, Sun 21 May by DJ-Anarchy
Keep on the Shadowfell Requestonlie2004007:59, Sun 21 May by the author
Experienced roleplayer seeks PathfinderMoP6377018:50, Thu 18 May by the author
LF Arena Based DND 5eNathanael Lockeford006:15, Thu 18 May by the author
Looking to Learnfailedreality004:42, Tue 16 May by the author
Exalted 2e The Alchemicals   [last]razorbackyak1102:17, Tue 16 May by MrSerious
Playing a Cavalier or Paladin for 2E   [first|last]Bannacor2622:22, Fri 12 May by housejohnson
Several things so please look   [last]Tom_Clancy's_Ghost_Recon517:35, Fri 12 May by Tom_Clancy's_Ghost_Recon
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams   [last]V_V303:22, Fri 12 May by V_V
The land of Greyhawk   [last]Bannacor415:33, Wed 10 May by Bannacor
Call of Cthulhu, patient edition?   [last]Piestar1214:58, Wed 10 May by Piestar
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