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WANTED: GM for Rivers of London or Neon City Overdrive   [last]Silverfoxdmt73209:19, Tue 22 Aug by Silverfoxdmt73
Shadowrun: seeking GM for team   [first|last]Tipihome6117:45, Mon 21 Aug by spyder89
Looking for a one to one Viking/Scots Adult Freeform gameladysharlyne008:56, Mon 21 Aug by the author
Non-Free Form Urban Fantasy   [first|last]AuntieMandi2903:18, Mon 21 Aug by Alyse
LFG - Western free-form or Rules-lite   [last]CTWraith200:47, Mon 21 Aug by ladysharlyne
Fantasy/Magic-tech/Airships/Motley Adventurers - GM WantedStitchWitch000:08, Mon 21 Aug by the author
Orphaned Android looking for a homeDyrynify017:15, Sat 19 Aug by the author
Mongoose Traveller 2: Corsairs of DrinaxLord_Ewin013:04, Sat 19 Aug by the author
Hackmaster: all it takes is one good screen monkey   [last]Tuopleeze203:22, Sat 19 Aug by Tuopleeze
Wild West. Boot Hill   [last]Bannacor220:18, Fri 18 Aug by Bannacor
Rupert: Stands Alone or Lets Us Pray   [last]V_V203:15, Wed 16 Aug by V_V
DnD 5e fundoom29169002:45, Tue 15 Aug by the author
Need CoGM for Carpathian Game ~ Evil Vampire freeform Adultladysharlyne020:09, Sat 12 Aug by the author
Looking for Game Willing to Work in Backstory   [last]sailorarby515:48, Fri 11 Aug by DreamQuestin
Exalted 2.5 Ghost-allied Eclipse Mega wealth Shadowland WardV_V007:42, Wed 09 Aug by the author
TMNT, WoD, D&D Drow character: Homes wanted! (PF2E, others)Aerith Firebird002:04, Tue 08 Aug by the author
Seeking Co-GM for Adult Religious theme base Freeform game   [last]deg212:54, Mon 07 Aug by deg
LF: Spelljammer 5e   [last]tmagann416:58, Sun 06 Aug by tmagann
PF2E wanted   [last]vibetrippin618:46, Sat 05 Aug by Mustard Tiger
LF Gurps Fantasy of Sci-fi   [last]tmagann202:35, Sat 05 Aug by Denalor
New to Roleplay Online looking for dnd 5e homebrew game   [last]AmbertheGirlGamer118:24, Mon 31 July by donsr
Looking for a consistent longterm dnd 5e game   [last]AmbertheGirlGamer218:26, Sun 30 July by AmbertheGirlGamer
Runequest: Glorantha   [last]akulaau106:58, Mon 24 July by Dr. Mindermast
Looking for a D&D 5e homeElim6394004:10, Sun 23 July by the author
D&D 5e Strixhaven campaign   [last]Nu_Fenix1101:24, Fri 21 July by hobgob
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