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Beach Patrol (TinyD6) - Looking for Solo / One on Oneminioch014:58, Thu 20 July by the author
Looking for Pathfinder 2e game   [last]Bruiser419414:40, Wed 19 July by Aerith Firebird
Co GM sought for ADRPG gameAltho013:41, Wed 19 July by the author
Adorable Corporate Secret Weapon   [first|last]LoonyLadle2701:31, Sun 16 July by LoonyLadle
Conan the Barbarian, Hyborian Kingdoms.   [first|last]Bannacor4115:28, Wed 12 July by redkommie
OSR historical fantasy: Better Than Any Manmichaerical013:40, Wed 12 July by the author
Essence20: Power Rangers (or Transformers and/or GI Joe?)   [last]Aerith Firebird120:02, Tue 11 July by zeone3000
Looking for a V5 game (Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition)Aerith Firebird000:17, Sun 09 July by the author
John Carter of Mars   [last]Bannacor422:08, Fri 07 July by Mad Mick
Let me be a knight in fairly shiny armour   [last]tibiotarsus911:57, Fri 07 July by tibiotarsus
Exalted 2e Allies & Amalgams   [last]V_V504:28, Sun 02 July by MrSerious
Shadowrun 4e or 5e   [last]Tarrakhash301:41, Sat 01 July by Tarrakhash
Keep on the Shadowfell Request   [last]onlie2004205:57, Fri 30 June by onlie2004
Looking for a few games.   [last]7TheDarkQueen7921:55, Thu 29 June by 7TheDarkQueen7
Indie GamesEggy018:51, Sun 18 June by the author
Mutants and Masterminds   [first|last]LoonyLadle6111:27, Tue 13 June by LoonyLadle
Call of Cthulhu, patient edition?   [last]Piestar1306:22, Sun 11 June by Piestar
Rolemaster 2nd Edition   [first|last]Chris12342721:41, Sat 10 June by Chris1234
I would like to find a home forFireball30003:50, Wed 07 June by the author
Mage the Ascension!   [last]truemane418:18, Sat 03 June by Warrax
Candela Obscura   [last]Gaffer423:03, Tue 30 May by steelsmiter
Project Freedom (M&M3E)mesneaky018:07, Mon 29 May by the author
Mazes & Minotaurs   [last]Bannacor701:01, Mon 29 May by Jeffery St. Clair
Loooking for DND 5e gameSir_Zyr004:30, Sun 28 May by the author
5E game   [last]Lord_Sanduzun419:01, Sat 27 May by Lord_Sanduzun
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