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 TopicAuthorGenre(s)Game SystemRepliesLatest Comment
Notice: Wanted-Players Required Reading [16 August 2012]cruinneUnknown Unknown012:52, Thu 16 Aug 2012 by the author
CAMP GRIZZLY LAKE [Adult Sandbox Socialising + Mystery game]   [first|last]madquest8Contemporary, Drama, Supernatural *APFree-form, Sandbox.7601:46, Today by madquest8
Bloodstone saga dnd 3.5   [last]jess_car_fixAction/Adventure, Apocalyptic, Fantasy *MPDungeons & Dragons 3.5322:40, Yesterday by jess_car_fix
NEEDED:  Adoptable Loy Mason, Evil? Hired Gunman {Adult}   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Frontier/Western, Historical *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ 1870s WESTERN115:30, Yesterday by ladysharlyne
What is Coming (Hunter: the Reckoning 5th ed.)DirigibleHorror AHunter: The Reckoning023:29, Sun 14 Aug by the author
Souls-Like Isekai: I Was Suddenly Reborn As a Doomed Godling   [last]The FoolAction/Adventure, Anime, Apocalyptic *MTheogenesis (Guided Free-Form)121:09, Sun 14 Aug by The Fool
Ancient Chinese Fantasy RPG~PLAYERS WANTED   [last]marzbarAncient, Eastern, Historical *MPSemi-Freeform319:11, Sun 14 Aug by marzbar
Hero's vs villains   [last]SaphireRoseAnime, Fantasy, Superhuman *MFree-form1113:39, Sun 14 Aug by SaphireRose
The Fruition Trials   [last]YesItsMeAction/Adventure, Apocalyptic *APUnknown306:23, Sun 14 Aug by YesItsMe
Players wanted.   [last]Winneagm45Action/Adventure, Ancient, Historical *Unknown101:09, Sun 14 Aug by Winneagm45
Battle Hymn of the Silver Company   [last]airellianDrama, Fantasy *MPHome-brewed Dungeons & Dragons 5e120:53, Sat 13 Aug by airellian
THE CROOKED MILE! [Erotic storytelling and writing]   [first|last]madquest8Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi *APFree form story telling22920:38, Sat 13 Aug by madquest8
All That Remains - A Dresden Files Story   [last]SavitariussContemporary, Intrigue, Supernatural *APFree-form118:33, Sat 13 Aug by Savitariuss
Old World of Darkness   [first|last]housejohnsonHorror, Supernatural *AWerewolf: the Apocalypse38518:18, Sat 13 Aug by Agent 0013
COPS and ROBBERS! [Adult storytelling game]   [first|last]madquest8Contemporary, Drama, Intrigue *APFree-form4615:27, Sat 13 Aug by madquest8
MEDIEVAL CAMELOT NEEDS YOU!  {Adult}   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Medieval *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ MEDIEVAL F…REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ MEDIEVAL FANTASY215:22, Sat 13 Aug by ladysharlyne
PIRATES, SMUGGLERS, HIGHWAYMEN, Not so Noble NOBLES  {Adult}   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Historical *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ 1870s HIST…REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ 1870s HISTORICAL FANTASY315:18, Sat 13 Aug by ladysharlyne
NEED: WITCHERS, MAGES, VILLAINS  {Adult}   [last]ladysharlyneFantasy, Medieval, Sci-Fi *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ MEDIEVAL F…REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ MEDIEVAL FANTASY215:15, Sat 13 Aug by ladysharlyne
Star Wars: Project Blackwing   [last]Harley QuinnAction/Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi *PFreeform119:17, Thu 11 Aug by Harley Quinn
DC: Birds of Prey   [last]Harley QuinnAction/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhuman *PFreeform219:16, Thu 11 Aug by Harley Quinn
GOOD or EVIL DRAGONRIDERS & DRAGONS  {Adult}   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ SCI-FI FANTASY214:44, Thu 11 Aug by ladysharlyne
MARVEL {Earth 616} Heroes & VILLAINS  {Adult} FF   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhuman *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ SUPERHERO114:41, Thu 11 Aug by ladysharlyne
GOOD & EVIL VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & HUMANS  {ADULT}   [last]ladysharlyneAction/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Supernatural *AREACTIVE FREEFORM ~ VAMPIRES, …REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & HUMANS114:40, Thu 11 Aug by ladysharlyne
Steampunk JackRadnoffComedy, Horror, Sci-Fi *MBasic Roleplaying014:13, Thu 11 Aug by the author
DC X Marvel: Super Teen Battle World   [last]GHornetSuperhuman *Unknown420:15, Wed 10 Aug by GHornet
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