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IC: Urban fantasy   [last]csroy919:26, Sat 22 Feb by csroy
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Zombie Wars - Pathfinder style   [last]Hunter520:32, Mon 17 Feb by Ravidge
Interested in learning to GM Pathfinder...   [first|last]Varsovian3111:15, Tue 11 Feb by souldiver
I.C. Dark Heresy v.s. Rogue Trader   [last]modestmouse705:52, Sat 08 Feb by Korentin_Black
IC: Guardians & Gangsters   [last]DavidVC422:35, Thu 06 Feb by PCO.Spvnky
Random Nobles   [last]cooneydad715:08, Thu 06 Feb by Lavender_Green
Interest Check: Shadowrun 5th w/ Classic Adventures   [last]Coyote923:33, Tue 04 Feb by Coyote
Forbidden Lands (Fria Ligan Publishing)   [last]Silverfoxdmt73218:48, Tue 04 Feb by Silverfoxdmt73
IC: powered by the apocalypse mod Action Hero World   [last]LordIce204:00, Tue 04 Feb by LordIce
IC: Pre-fab Diablo II plus LoD Revamp   [last]V_V401:19, Tue 04 Feb by wolfecubb
IC: Isekai / "You" in the form of your fav RPOL Character   [last]Carakav515:33, Mon 03 Feb by Dreaded_Landshark
Looking for literary freeform SF/F writers!salvagedfangs018:57, Sun 02 Feb by the author
Which to Run: LL+MF hexcrawl or 1e AD&D classic modules?   [last]Justisaur321:30, Wed 29 Jan by Justisaur
Pathfinder 2e Character sheet   [last]JMurguz215:12, Mon 20 Jan by JMurguz
IC: Sunless Sea inspired setting   [last]yuirick1117:43, Sun 19 Jan by shapeshade
PbTA (Legacy? Last Fleet?)   [last]BFink912:09, Thu 16 Jan by BFink
IC: (Not Advice) Exalted 2.5e Great Escape (Alt Hist) Adult!   [last]V_V416:57, Wed 15 Jan by V_V
Trying to decide on my next campaign...   [last]Ezre1521:20, Tue 14 Jan by Gatecrasher
D&D 5e Interest   [last]Furry Teddy1220:28, Thu 09 Jan by That Guy With The Face
Is BESM a good system for this type of game?   [last]Wildcard312:08, Thu 09 Jan by Cubist
I.C. Apostasy Gambit Dark Heresy   [last]modestmouse900:37, Wed 08 Jan by modestmouse
IC: Anima based Assassin's Creed   [last]Knight_Vassal400:32, Tue 07 Jan by Knight_Vassal
IC: Are Skirmish Level Games Of Interest Here?   [last]GreenTongue218:46, Mon 06 Jan by GreenTongue
IC: Gangbusters B/X   [last]DavidVC918:07, Mon 06 Jan by DavidVC
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