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One-on-one text roleplaying via DiscordOnar Idein017:51, Thu 03 Nov by the author
MERP game with Rolemaster 2Dalewarrior012:22, Sun 02 Oct by the author
TTS Warlord Saga of the Storm RPGV_V000:08, Thu 29 Sept by the author
Another is LFDM for Warlock and Adept-Only Magic D&D v3.5SCARY WIZARD000:19, Wed 21 Sept by the author
Adult ERP on DiscordWinter51011:25, Tue 23 Aug by the author
Discord/Roll 20-Henshin! A Sentai RPGWildcard000:29, Tue 02 Aug by the author
Looking for Discord/Roll 20 Group for RMUGamerHandle018:08, Thu 28 July by the author
D&D 5e - Tyranny of Dragons - Roll20/Discord/DnDBeyondTasidar005:02, Fri 22 July by the author
Looking For An E-Mail RPKittyCaitee016:58, Thu 21 July by the author
World of Dungeons on Myth-WeaversSCARY WIZARD022:05, Thu 14 July by the author
Henshin Game: Discord or Play by PostWildcard019:32, Wed 06 July by the author
Looking for one-on-one game masterOrthodoxpigeon019:12, Sun 29 May by the author
Age of Rebellion gameLordIce020:37, Tue 19 Apr by the author
Hackmaster 5e Myth WeaverBalthazar013:39, Sun 10 Apr by the author
AmberLarson Gates010:55, Wed 23 Mar by the author
Mage: The Ascension potential discord gamewh0reofbabylon023:41, Sat 12 Feb by the author
Seeking GM for Duo Game (Discord)ZootSuit86004:37, Tue 18 Jan by the author
D&D - Night's Dark Terror (BECMI)Chief10018:28, Sun 26 Dec 2021 by the author
Discord + Roll20 Mutants & Masterminds 3ed. Living Worldwolvbane003:31, Sun 26 Dec 2021 by the author
Sanctuary, an adults only multiverse play by postjabberwookie022:22, Sat 20 Nov 2021 by the author
Twilight 2000 4th Ed game seeking players - UK time zoneMahatatain013:22, Thu 11 Nov 2021 by the author
Adult One-On-One PBP Freeform Discord GamesPaleEmpress000:07, Thu 04 Nov 2021 by the author
[IC] Discord VC, Strength of Thousands, heavily modified mecDarkLightHitomi005:20, Fri 22 Oct 2021 by the author
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