• This game is under the Fantasy, Historical & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ 1870s HISTORICAL FANTASY.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Lady Cerridwen Chisholm Beaupre' (PGM) AllGMYesterdayYesterday1299
Sir Aaron Zarnoff AllGMTodayMon, 06 Jun55
Sir Jonathan Beaupre II AllGMTodayThu, 16 Jun196
Isla 'Blackbird' MacLeod 0123playerYesterdayTue, 10 May36
Lord Ethan Travane 0123playerSat, 25 JunSat, 04 Jun10
Betsy McCall 0123NPCYesterdayMon, 06 Jun33
Black Swan 0123NPCYesterdayMon, 09 Apr 2018133
Calico Jack 0123NPCYesterdayWed, 11 May72
Captain Bart Dreadwalker 01234NPCTodayFri, 17 Jun40
Captain Havelock Aubrey 0123NPCTodaySat, 25 Jun14
Captain Hunter 0123NPCTodayTue, 08 May 201877
Captain Smyth 01234NPCTodayThu, 28 Jan 2021105
Carmen Bombay 0123NPCYesterdayNever0
DURNLEY HENCHMEN 0123NPCYesterdayTue, 08 Mar3
Fiona McKinley 0123NPCYesterdayThu, 17 Mar4
First Mate Timmons 0123NPCTodayNever0
King George III 0123NPCYesterdaySat, 11 Jun22
Lady Catherine Chisholm 0123NPCYesterdaySat, 16 Oct 202128
Lady Madeline (Maddie) Whyte 0123NPCYesterdayWed, 11 May22
Lady Sorcha Tarbornssen 0123NPCYesterdayWed, 22 Jun37
Lord Daemon Breton 0123NPCYesterdaySat, 11 Jun18
Lord Elijah Bacon 01234NPCTodaySat, 08 Jan61
Lord Lucius Tarbornssen 0123NPCYesterdayWed, 22 Jun10
Reginald 0123NPCTodayMon, 31 Jan2
Scarecrow of Romney Marsh 0123NPCTodayWed, 26 Aug 20204
Sir Jakob Thornlee 0123NPCYesterdayFri, 15 Apr214
Sir Malcolm Durnley 0123NPCYesterdayThu, 23 Jun88
Tom Cruickblade 0123NPCSat, 25 JunFri, 17 Jun259
Tressa Trevorrow 0123NPCYesterdayTue, 17 May6