• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 (Classless).
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Character Logon Information
Guardian AllGMYesterdayYesterday732
Averlieth 01ISPC-Ninth LegionTodayYesterday235
Cyrus 019DPC-Erebian KnotTue, 24 MayTue, 24 May169
Eisheth 019IPC-Nessian KnotTue, 24 MayMon, 23 May59
Ravanda 01359IPC-Nessian KnotTodayMon, 23 May269
Saeko 01SPC-Ninth LegionYesterdayYesterday180
Scythcari 019EPC-Nessian KnotYesterdayTue, 24 May235
Vuthalex 01RSPC-Ninth LegionYesterdayMon, 23 May57
Elise Zadaria 19DINPCYesterdayThu, 24 Feb39
Ezo Hokkaido 0159AIONPCYesterdayFri, 20 May328
Grumblejack 139ABIAllied NPCMon, 21 FebSat, 12 Feb37
Melchior SNPC - CompanionTodayTue, 15 Feb2
Pidgin 1DSAllied DS NPCYesterdayTue, 24 May93
Shimyra 167DRSAllied DS NPCYesterdayTue, 10 May35
Tabby 1SNPCYesterdayMon, 02 May44
Zilzrym 1DSAllied DS NPCTodayYesterday32
_z_Holding Pen 2 ZNPC - LOASun, 07 Nov 2021Never0
_z_Holding Pen 3 ZNPC - AbsentMon, 02 MayNever0
_z_Holding Pen 4 ZNPC-AbsentFri, 14 JanNever0
_z_Holding Pen ZNPC - AbsentWed, 01 Dec 2021Never0
_z_ Observer_1 SNPCSun, 27 MarNever0
_z_ Observer_2 019DISNPCYesterdayTue, 22 Jun 202112