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Lady Cerridwen Chisholm Beaupre' (PGM)

Your Character's name: Cerridwen Chisholm

Character's age: 20

Character's Description: She has an abundance of red auburn, shining hair which falls heavily below her shoulders and curled on the ends into natural ringlets.  Black-fringed eyes are a changeable shade of hazel, sometimes soft brown but usually a leaf geen.  Her mouth is wide and capable of a sulky pout, a firm lipped deterimination or a dazzling laugh and as natrually red as crushed strawberries.  Skin the color of rich cream .  Shapely with full bosom but a firm flat stomach and small waist spreading to shapely hips that would comfort a man.  5' 7" tall and the long shapely legs of a colt.  Especially when in fitted black leather boots.

Characters skills/weaponry(this will NOT be added to as you go along): she can handle a sword well.

Background/History of your character:  She was born the only child of Randolf and Brighid Chisholm.  Her father was a hard man and ran his household like the military.  He had a violent temper and one day her mother was found at the foot of the large stairwell.  Rumor had it he had pushed her.

He went to drinking more and more and left for the life of London.  Soon all the servants of Falconcrest had left and she was there alone.  She managed to grow veg in the summer and learned to hunt rabbit and squirrel.  Her prize whas her white mare 'Wynd' that she kept fed on the grass of the estate.  Then people came and started taking pictures from the walls and the fine silver.  Her father had sold things off for more gambling money.  He was living with her auntie Catherine in London or some fophouse mistress.  She hated him...hated ALL men!

Her happiness was in her daily ritual of riding the coastal beach of Cornwall below Falconcrest.  There was a secret passage and she would oft times fine barrels floating into the cave to where she could take them inside.  Some she peddled the wares of wines and a strange white drink from French cargo.  Sometimes it was fish... she was surviving and growing into a wild untamed beauty.

There was the family ship that she repaired and learned to sail by herself from watching ships and reading.  She had become quite the accomplished sailor as she loved the sea.

Then a fateful night a messenger brought word from her Aunt Catherine from London that her father was dying and for her to come as soon as she could.