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Sir Jakob Thornlee

Your Character's name: Lord (Sir) Jakob Thornlee

Character's age:  25

Character's Description: ^' 3", broad of shoulder with long blonde hair pulled back for the most immaculate of fashion in Court.  Very fit.

Characters skills/weaponry(this will NOT be added to as you go along): Cutlass, pistol, dagger, and braun

Background/History of your character:

A son of the Late James Thornlee of Rose Thornlee manor named after his dear mother.  His father died in the civil war protecting the king.  Jakob was young and mounted his father's own horse and charged the enemy head on.  Luckily he survived.  Rose Thornlee Manor is now paid out of debt and his free and clear.

He is the best friend of Lord Jonathan Beaupre.  You could say they often 'sail' together, game together and partake of Courtly pleasures as if in competition.  He is without a mistress at the moment for he is only just getting on his feet saving the family estate.