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Tom Cruickblade

Character Name: Tom "Cruickblade"
Character's age: 25
Character's Description: Tom is tall and lean, standing at 5'11" in height, and weighing about 163 pounds. A day's growth of stubble makes him look more like a highwayman than anybody who belongs anywhere near the courts.
He is quite skilled, and doesn't mind who knows it. He is a highway robber, but tends to lean more towards the seas and the ocean, loving the water more than the inland. Though he might call himself, "The Famous Tom Cruickblade", most people do not recognize him, much to his irritation.
Tom can be seen wearing a simple green tunic and dark brown pants, which are tucked into his leather boots. A dark brown vest is over his shirt, while at his side is a well wrought, if undecorated, rapier with a single charm tied to it's end from a chain. Its match, a long bladed fighting dagger, is never very far from its match.
Characters skills/weaponry:

Can track like a Baskerville hound
Swims like a fish
Expert Swordsmanship
Expert with pistol
Expert with knives
Expert Dirty Fighting
Expert Pickpocket
Expert Hand to Hand Combatant
Expert (Obviously at survival)
A pirate/smuggler/lover

Tom is the bastard son of Jonathan Beaupre I (Jonathan the II's Half-brother), when the man’s wife died he found the bed of a common working wench, a whore by some words, and got her with child.  She died in childbirth and the whores and thieves raised him up to be the best they had to offer.  He despises Jonathan Beaupre’ the II who is his older brother.  Jonathan had the finery and honour, or so he thought, and Tom’s mother and Tom were forgotten.  Jonathan does not know that the outlaw Tom Cruickblade is his half brother.  They have no other siblings.  Cerri knows.

Tom found and rescued a starving Cerridwen Chisholm from the grasp of an angry fish monger that would have taken her then killed her for stealing one fish.  He found that a dilapidated old mansion was hers as was the estate and later Tom and Cerri stumbled on a hidden cove on the seaside of the estate and a black ship needing restored which they did.

Tom taught her all he knew about fighting and survival and lived with her in the old mansion.  They showed no public place and the condition of the overgrown estate that bordered Jonathan’s own Estates was one no one bothered to  visit.  Tom taught Cerri how to sail her ship that they rebuilt in a secret cove and named her the ‘Black Swan’.  One day Cerri disappeared and Tom was heart sick afraid of something happening to her.  To him she was more like his younger sister and he has a love and is engaged to Betsy.  Cerri had gone off to London after finding her father had been murdered over a gambling debt.  He rode like hell to London and appeared as her ‘servant’.  He was furious with her but not nearly as furious when she chose to sail back to Falmouth with Jonathan himself.

She told Tom of her plan to become the mistress to Beaupre’ and gain enough money to pay off the mortgage that a very dangerous Lord Malcolm Durnley, the King’s own Steward and a ruthless, merciless loan shark.  He had given Cerri only two months to come up with a King’s ransom in money.  When she returned from her night with Beaupre’ Tom had found that the blaggard had rushed a wedding on her since he was the magistrate and the Vicar did as the man told him too.

He had a horrible argument and went storming out slamming the door until he could calm down.  Later Cerri invited him and Betsy to a ball at her new home and he loathed to go but Betsy wanted to so he went.  That very night Cerri came clean to Jonathan out of love and the bastard called her a common whore, Cerri that night dressed in Black for the masked ball and called herself the Black Swan.  She and Tom had been pirating and smuggling under that name and suddenly he and Betsy were off to Tortuga with her and they had a stowaway he would have killed and still unsure he trusts him or any man around Cerri, that man is Aglaca.  Perhaps a part of Tom did love Cerri but Betsy would be his wife.  Yet he protected Cerri like a wolf protecting the litter.