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Lady Sorcha Tarbornssen

Name:  Lady Sorcha Tarbornssen
Gender:  Female
Age:  20
Height:  5’1” (158 CM)
Weight:  107 lbs (48.67 kilos)
Hair:  Red
Eyes:  Blue

Appearance:  Sorcha has long red hair and blue eyes with high arching brows. Her skin is pale and smooth with some freckles.   She is petite, delicate, and overall very fine in features.   Her lips are full which accents her high cheekbones.

Personality:  Sorcha has a friendly demeanor.  She is quick with a smile and a leading hand to any in need.  She is very sociable and loves having fun!  Be it at a gala or on a quiet picnic with a friend.  She can find joy in almost every situation.  But it must be stated she can be very stubborn when she wants to be.

She is generally someone that is quite boisterous, she isn't shy, mostly because a majority of her time is spent hosting varies engagements for her father.

Her feelings are expressed through music and her love of writing.  When she plays her music, Sorcha plays what she feels, and she channels her endowment through her free play as well. Because of that, some of her music makes people take notice of her from the emotions that they feel and the visions that they see. Deep down, behind her facade that she shows everyone, her personality is very innocent and lonely.  She often has longed to be her own woman and make a house into a home.  This is something she longs for.

History:  NOTE:  Has a twin brother, Lucius.

Sorcha was doted on.  With a knack for music her family encouraged this talent.  She grew up with the comforts that wealthy noble parents could provide. She has had the best teachers and resources.  Her father had been a military man and her mother a Grand Duchess.  She was close to her mother and when the Duchess fell ill Sorcha was by her side until the end.

Lucius and Sorcha were born into a long line of Blade masters, so a military career was expected of Lucius, and by no surprise he started to train at a very young age. His father, Thom, trained him personally, as he saw great promise in the boy, and at the boy trained it was certain he would surpass his father.  With this knowledge his father’s heart swelled with pride. The young man was then accepted as a Blade master and celebrated with his newfound brothers with a promise of a bright future in a military career.

Their mother passed away and with that event their father became very depressed.  The twins were only 12.

After a year of their father depression he had an epiphany, triggered when he was out drinking, as he returned home he saw his daughter of only 13 get attacked. It was by luck he arrived at their home when he did unfortunately Thom killed the man.  Even in his inebriated state Thom came to a realization that only he could change his situation, only he could stand up and take hold of his destiny.  He needed to provide for his family by working his fertile lands, find a suitable husband for Sorcha, and get his son into the king’s army.  And with change the next several years saw his daughter grow into a young woman full of promise and his son a fine warrior.

On the twins 20th birthday her father wanted Lucius to come home and take of Lordship of his lands, so he can ease a bit.  Sorcha is still yet to be married but she is fully involved in all the goings of the town and community.  He wanted her settled, she wished and longed to be settled.

Hobbies:  Sorcha – signing, music, writing
Likes:  Being outside, riding her horse (but like a gentleman would), and writing or signing
Dislikes:  Being left alone, being a failure, dishonesty
Love Interest (if any):  None yet

The name of the family's residence:  HARMONY VALE MANOR

Tarbornssen is the family name