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Captain Bart Dreadwalker

Born Bartholemew Moore son of a wealthy merchant.  From an early age he trained in the use of weapons; swords, daggers, pistols, muskets, bows, and hand to hand combat.  His father also made certain he was well learned, versed in history, seamanship, navigation, charting, leadership, battle tactics.  Everything the young lad would need to become and admiral in His Majesty's Royal Navy.

Bart was a bright lad excelling in his studies, but even more at combat.  He grew from a wiry young lad to a stout young man of 5'11" and 180 lbs of lean toned muscle.  The young man had the strength of an ox and the grace of a fleeting deer, all of which he put to good use training for the Navy.  When the day came and he enlisted it had been his father's proudest day when Bart had donned the red coat.  Bart's skills in weaponry and tactics continued to grow, it was whispered around the Navy that if it had a blade Bart could weild it and a flint he could shoot it.  And although both were true, Bart preferred a bow for long range fighting, it was much more accurate and certainly faster than a bulky musket.  And you didn't have to worry about wet powder.

The young lad made his way quickly up the ranks of the Navy impressing his superiors.  On a voyage to claim the head of the notorious pirate _____________ he proved his worth to his superiors and earned his own ship.  Bart had recently been appointed first mate of the Fortune .  During the battle the captain had retreated below deck (under the cover of trying to help the men below) and left the charge to Bart.  Rising in the face of adversity Bart had lead the Navy men against ____________ and his ship the Scallywag Dragon.  Bart's own blunderbuss had lead the boarding party onto the ship, where he killed Captain _________   himself.  The battle had lasted only 10 minutes and Bart had killed nearly a dozen men, but more importantly the Captain.  He brought the head back to the Fortune where the Captain claimed the victory his own when the returned to port.  Many spoke up though declaring Bart the true hero of the day.

Bart's heroics earned him the rights to his own ship the Tide Dancer, she (Bart was a firm believer that all ships were ladies, and especially the sea) was a small boat but quick and boasted a good armory for a small boat.  Bart once again made a name for himself hunting pirates.

The King himself tasked Bart with building a ship whose only purpose was to hunt down and destroy every pirate that sailed the seas, it had to be the most fearsome vessel on the waters.  Using his knowledge of the seas, and maritime warfare Bart built the Vagrant Hunter, which boasted a bounty of sails: she flies a jib, forestaysail, foresail, foretopsail, foretopgallant sail, mainsail, topsail, topgallant sail, mizzen lateen sail, mizzen topsail, main staysail, topmast staysail, topgallant staysail.  This alone made the Hunter the fastest vessel on the seas, but to boot he added half a dozen staysails to make her faster against the wind.  The Hunter's armaments included 52 broadside guns, 26 on each side; 20 twelve pound guns are located on the main deck, 20 twenty-four pounders on the gun deck, and 12 eight pounders on the upper deck: 8 on the quarter-deck and 4 in the forecastle.  He also added 4 triple guns on the front and rear of the ship, the triple guns fire 6 pound cannon balls and rotate like a gatling gun to present a fresh barrell while the others are reloaded.  Each gun is hidden beneath a panel in the hull of the ship that can be removed during battle, or replaced to help keep out weather.  There is also spots where twenty men can go below deck and row the ship along, for stealth.  He also had bows, and crossbows scattered all around the deck, for his men to start the battles with.

Bart's Tactics were nothing if not unorthodox, he and his hand-picked crew (he wanted single men who had no family or ties, but believed that for a sailor to be loyal to the sea he couldn't have a wife at home waiting on him) never wore the typical Navy uniforms and powdered wigs, unless at a formal event or ceremony.  Bart enouraged his men to dress and act like pirates, at least as much as they could without breaking too many laws.  Facial hair and dreadlocks were encouraged, Bart found that by looking the part they could fit in with other pirates and gather information better.  His men were fiercely loyal to him, obeying his command even if it was a bit outside the lines.  He trusted his men and they in turn trusted him.  The bounties were always split fairly amongst his crew.  First and foremost was the repair of the ship and the restocking of provisions.  Bart kept a top notch surgeon aboard his boat along with several cooks.  His men were well taken care of and kept healthy.  The plunder they took from the pirates was used to pay for all of these, any remaining was used to outfit the men with the finest swords, guns, and other weapons.  Anything that remained was turned into the Navy, after a small amount was added to the ship's coffers for all to share.

This was the crown achievement for Bart and his family, he became the most feared Navy man on the seas capturing pirate vessels in the name of the crown and bringing men to justice by the score.  They used to say pirates dreaded walking across Bart's path and earned him the nickname Captain Dreadwalker.  It also earned him the looks of several lovely ladies trhoughout the country.  (Bart would never marry though, he knew the only ladies he could be faithful to were the sea and his ship)  Every achivement is not without price and Bart's success and non-traditional methods quickly earned the disdain of many noble families.  And although they could not touch Bart they could go after his family.  His father's businesses were shown to be smugglers and his father was offered the dungeons in exchange.  His father would hear nothing of Bart's attempts to clear their name and even refused to see his son when if he came to call.  The disgraced lad survived with his reputation, the Navy needed him and his men.

Bart was told he could clear his family's name by bringing in the Pirate Lord __________.  Bart hated their sick political games, using him for their own devices.  He would have happily gone after the pirate without the prize of clearing his name, however the conditions ruined it for him.  Bart set out to find him, his journey took many months, months in which his father died of the fever while in prison for crimes he didn't commit.

When Bart returned from the successful hunt he was branded a traitor to the crown, many of the other ship commandes elt he had 'gone native' so to speak and betrayed the crown because if it walks and talks like a pirate, then it must be a pirate.  Bart had never been anything but loyal to the cause, and in the end all they had on him was using the plunder to outfit his men and his ship.  He was accused of treason againast the Navy and the crown.  When presented with the charges Bart knocked out the Admiral breaking his jaw.  He was sentenced to hang for his crime, but the ultimate insult came when he was branded with the mark of a pirate by the very man who had comissioned him to hunt pirates.  He spat at his commanding officer saying, "The only thing I was ever guilty of was taking care of my crew the best way I knew how, I put their lives first.  If it is a crime to outfit the men with the best gear, and to feed and take care of them well.  Then I am guilty, guilty of doing my job and guilty of caring for my men."  As the brand seared his flesh he growled to the admiral, "You made me...  Lets see if you can live with me."  The statement was true, the admiral had made Bart into the most feared pirate hunter on the seas, and now he had made Bart the scourge of every Navy ship out there - and given him the tools to do it with -

Bart's men rescued him from the hangman's noose and they set off on their ship which they renamed from the Vagrant Hunter to the Vagrant Queen.  He cares little for England or any of the other nations, or the pirates and their cause.  He would just assume sink any boat they came across, loyal only to his men and his ship, he's been known to fly colors of any number of countries.  He has also changed his sails to black, first because it is more intimidating and more stealthy at night.