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Lord Daemon Breton

Age:  28
Height:  6'4"  Weight:  196 lbs   Hair: Black  Eyes: Blue  Firm Athletic build of a seaman and a Smiddy.

Marital Status: Single

The Bretons' House, St Ives, Cornwall: 'Reputedly the oldest house in St Ives. Built in the early 1500s as a summer lodging for the Breton fishermen who spent a great part of the season fishing the waters around St Ives Bay.  Their wealth comes from the fishing industry.

The Manor sits on the main street of St Ives left to the sole heir Daemon Breton.  He was raised in this house as was his father before him and because they fell ill of the King his father lost his life fighting for the cause.  His mother died soon after.  Daemon became to sole owner of the prosperous fishing industry as he had no siblings.  To earn money for the upkeep and to stay alive he took up the trade of the Smiddy. The stables outback of the house were let for horses of those visiting the town.  He worked his trade there.

At night, he comes into the now cold natured mansion and clean himself up.  Dress to his expected Nobleman stature and entertain guests who are staying overnight in St Ives, he gleans news of shipments this way to aid the Scarecrow's cause.  (Most likely the Scarecrow Band of smuggler's in the basement of the old home.  Sometimes the Band of members would meet in a byre nearby, they moved around to stay out of the eye of the Hand and others.)

Sometimes they would meet at Deadman's Inn, sometimes Ellis' home, Sometimes Elijah's and choice meetings of the leaders at the Tarbornssen estate.