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15:51, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Carmen Bombay

Carmen Bombay is the owner of the Pirates Den in Tortouga, she has bedded both Jonathan/Cpt Hunter and Aaron/Cpt Smyth in her time.  So she knows who these two men are fairly well.  She does not know that the Black Swan is Cerridwen Beaupré though.  She is NOT a whore make no mistake about that.

She runs a cut-throat pirate den but all respect (or soon learn swiftly to respect) her who enter or stay in some rooms above. The backroom is a meeting room for parlays, and the home of the Brotherhood.

She was born on the island to a native mother and a pirate/businessman of a father, and she now owns the estate after their deaths and inherited her Inn as a few other businesses that she has employees running for her.

She is the best known Healer 'doctor' on the Island and has sewn up a many a pirate's injuries.

She takes food out to the street children and takes care of them as best she can giving them one of her empty businesses to live in.  The older children look after the younger ones, all were made orphans due their fathers and mothers 'trade'.