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15:48, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Lord Ethan Travane ~ PLAYER WANTED

CHARACTER NAME:  Ethan Travane

DESCRIPTION: 5’ 10” and 120 lbs, dark hair and brown eyes. He tries to dress as well and as fashionably as he can but funds are limited so compromises have to be made.  He is now a farmer and often works shirtless so has a tanned upper body with broad shoulders.  He is courteous by nature with manners better than you expect from a small time farmer.

SKILLS: Farming, swordsmanship, pistols, bare fist fighting, swimming and sailing small boats.

WEAKNESSES: Can’t accept his lowly station and tends to live beyond his means


When I grew up as a child I can remember being driven about in a fine carriage with servants always around.  One of my earliest memories is of looking down the stairs at a grand ball with fine music below.  Then my mother became ill and wasted away quite quickly and she went away to recover I was told but I never saw her again.

My father took to drinking and gambling and when he died a few years later the property was lost in debt.  All that was left was a small farm on the coast of Cornwall that had been my mothers and thus saved from the bailiffs who did not know of it.  I was 12 at this time and went with my nurse to this farm of my uncles.  He was not married and brought me up as his son and I became a farmers boy but I still remembered my past and yearned to get back our fortune.

I recently learned that the estate was bought at a knock down price to none other than the local big wig Sir Malcolm Durnley well known as a cheat and a scoundrel but too well connected to be brought down.  I see him from time to time riding by in his carriage and I dream of the day when I shall be in carriage looking down on him.