Stephanie Rowan
Stephanie Rowan
'The Free-Spirit'

Given Name: Stephanie Renee Rowan
Nicknames: Steph, Stephie
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Place of Birth: Longview, Texas
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Baptist
Degree of Religious Practice: Lapsed

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Body Type: Lithe, Athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Alternates between short and spunky and shoulder-length
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Tone: Light Tan

Birthmarks: None
Scars: None

Species: Canis Lupus Rufus
Pack: Stone Cairn
Position: Dominant

Height: 2’4”
Length: 5’2”
Weight: 85 lbs.
Fur Color: Cinnamon/Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Red/Gold

Scent: Top: Lavender/Vanilla;  Middle: Balsam;  Bottom: Cedar
Aura: Silver/White

Appearance: Stephanie turns eyes from the moment she walks into the room. She exudes and energy that just attracts people's attention. It’s probably one of the reasons that she makes such a good stripper. The way her eyes light up, the way she moves, everything about Stephanie just drips with sex. Even when she manages to look innocent, there’s something about her feigned ‘innocence’ that suggests she knows just what you are thinking about when you look at her. And she enjoys the attention.

Stephanie alternates between keeping her hair short and spunky, and shoulder length. It’s generally brown, however it regularly contains blonde, golden, or red highlights which give her hair more personality.

Outside of the club she wears jeans and sleeveless blouses, or some variation thereof. Inside the club, Stephanie picks outfits that will both attract attention, but also be easy to take off when it is her turn on stage.

If anyone personified the idea of hedonism, or the concept of ‘free love’, it would probably be Stephanie. A rebel soul born about a decade or two too late for the wild-child era that her free-spirit best personifies. But, Stephanie is much more complex than her wild personality would first make her out to be.

Like many women who seem to wrap themselves in a mask of sexuality, Stephanie is broken a little on the inside. Maybe she suffers from daddy issues? If you ask her about her dad she’ll tell you he was a drunk, and abusive, and leave it at that. Maybe she just enjoys sex that much. Either way, the outwardly hedonistic personae hides her broken soul.

Her anchor is Cory Prescott, a submissive in the Pack, and it is around him that her true personality comes out.

Fiercely loyal and protective, she will hurt anyone that threatens Cory, though she doesn’t always have to rely on violence to hurt people; she’s not above manipulating people to do what she wants either. Around Cory the masque of sexuality falls away, and she’s quick to laugh, and expose a deeper vulnerability than she shares with others. Not even her Vampire lover, Adrian Lucrece, experiences the deep emotional connection that she has with Cory.

Character History:
Stephanie doesn’t like to talk about her past. Or her family. She admits to very little, only going so far as to say that she was born in Longview, Texas, that her father was an alcoholic, and that he was violent and abusive when he got drunk. Beyond that, she says nothing, but it doesn’t take a lot of digging to find an obituary for a Michael and Jennifer Rowan, and a newspaper article about how Michael drugged his wife and teen daughter and tried to drive the whole family off a bridge into the river. The daughter was fished out, half-dead, from the water. Father and mother didn’t make it.

What happened to her after that is unknown. The article only lists her as fifteen at the time. One might assume that she went to stay with relatives, but the truth is there were none. None that were willing to take her in, that is. And so at fifteen, still too young to be emancipated, she was dumped into the foster system. Bounced from one home to the next, because no one wanted to deal with a troubled teen.

Finally she turned seventeen, and convinced the courts to let her leave. They acquiesced. She was old enough now, technically. And so she packed all of her things in a bag and headed west, towards Dallas, TX. She never made it. Somewhere along the way she hopped on board an eastbound truck and ended up in Baton Rouge, LA.

Stephanie had no real plans. She was mainly following a guy, Patrick, that she had been dating and who she had heard had gotten a full ride football scholarship to Louisiana State University. She quickly found out that the scholarship wasn’t the only ‘full ride’ he was getting. Stuck, without money or friends, she started waitressing and bartending.Anything she could do to make a little money. It was in Baton Rouge that Steph met Cory. His parents had kicked him out of the house because he had come out as gay, and so he was couch surfing with what few freinds he had and living out of his car. He was also a Shifter, something that Steph only found out about later. But as a young, submissive, gay, Shifter he attracted a lot of hate, and so Steph intervened. She got him a job bartending with her, and she protected him against anyone that threatened him. Even before she herself became infected, Steph was protecting Cory.

It was through bartending that she met Cassandra St. Pierre. Cassandra introduced her to another friend of hers, Payton Jones. Payton was looking for girls that wanted to make quick, easy money... Steph fell for it, hook line and sinker. It was a weekend in New Orleans, and all Steph and Cass had to do with sleep with a guy she knew... Aston Carter. It was a wild night, full of alcohol, drugs, and sex. At least up until the point where Aston had had his fill of the debauchery.

The next morning, Cassandra was dead and Steph, like Payton before her, was barely alive, but she was alive. Aston had left her for dead, assuming that, between the alcohol, the drugs, and the loss of blood, that she’d expire eventually. Thankfully, Cory found her first. She survived, now infected, and healed. Unlike Payton who was only pretty and wholesome enough to recruit girls; Stephanie had a body built for sex. Aston had seen that much. So when she turned up still alive at UMC New Orleans, he knew he couldn’t let her leave. When she tried, Aston threatened Cory, and Steph folded.

That was the first time, but not the last that she was forced to trade her body for Cory’s; sex with Aston, or Orlando, or any other number of Wolves, to keep Cory from being beaten, or punished. Aston used that to his advantage, eventually getting her hired on at Club Vaudun as a Stripper, hoping to make more money out of her. The plan backfired.

Adrian Lucrece owned the clubs. Adrian Lucrece called Wolves. Up until that point he had never met a Wolf that set him off the way Stephanie did. He immediately took an interest in her. He paid her for her time, money that didn’t have to go to Aston or the Pack, and he took care of her. In the end, working for Lucrece saved Steph from more of the horrible things that happened in the Los Sangrientos Pack. After all, Lecrece owned the Ports, and if Juan-Vidal wanted to keep his product moving, then he needed to keep Lucrece happy, and Steph wasn’t above using her position to her advantage, leveraging it to protect other Strippers, and especially to protect Cory.

When Juan-Vidal died, things got a little better for the women of the Pack, but a little worse for the men. Julia had a rule. All the men paid tribute in sex and blood, or they were killed. Cory was forced to pay tribute like everyone else, despite the fact that he didn’t ‘enjoy’ women, Julia didn’t care. Twice Steph confronted Julia about this, both times did not end well for Steph. The second time, Julia called in some of her men and tossed Steph to them. They abused her for hours before letting Cory take her home. When Adrian saw, however, he called Julia to him. The meeting was FAR from cordial.

As a Vampire, Adrian had considerable power, enough so that, even though he was not yet a Master in his own right, he still ranked as more powerful than Steph and Cory, so he used that, and the Packs own laws against them. He declared himself the protector of every submissive working in his clubs, and a protector over Cory. They were not to be touched. If they were...he would challenge Julia himself. Julia caved. She had no desire to take on a nearly three-hundred year old Vampire. Cory and the strippers would be unharmed.

With Julia’s death, and the Pack’s rebirth, something had changed in Steph. She enrolled in classes starting in the Fall. She still strips, and she still sleeps with Lucrece, but there is a new desire there to be something more than a plaything…