Katrina Daviau
Katrina Daviau
'The Servant'

Given Name: Katrina Evangeline Daviau
Nicknames: Amirah
Age: 39
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unknown (possibly asexual)

Place of Birth: Unknown (presumed France)
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Religion: Unknown
Degree of Religious Practice: Unknown

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 124 lbs.
Body Type: Average
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Long
Eye Color: Honey
Skin Tone: Bronzed/Tanned

Birthmarks: Unknown
Scars: Unknown

Scent: Top: Sandalwood;  Middle: Frankincense;  Bottom: Papyrus
Aura: Black/Red

Appearance: Katrina is an exotic beauty, and it is clear from the start that the French name that she wears is likely not her real one. She carries the exotic beauty of someone who was born somewhere in the sun-kissed sands of the Middle East. She had dark, black hair and honey colored eyes, and a tanned, olive complexion. She keeps her hair long, almost down to her tailbone, and usually keeps it braided o pulled back.

She wears very little in the way of jewelry. A gold bangle around her wrist, and a golden necklace with the Eye of Ra on it seem to be the only two pieces of jewelry that she owns.

During the day she dresses in clothes more appropriate for the current day and age. Light blouses. Jeans. Slacks. At night, or when attending Constantine’s court, she dresses in flowing robes that would look more appropriate in the streets and markets of Lebanon, Israel, or Egypt, than in New Orleans.

Katrina Daviau is quiet, and reserved. As the Human Servant of Constantine, she serves his needs above all others, and seems particularly devoted to carrying out his orders. Rarely does she speak with anyone other than her Master, his other Human Servant, Euphraise Lavigne, and his Animal Servant, Raoul. Because of this, not much is known about her.

At her job, she is very efficient. Alongside Jean-Baptiste DuMont, she handles Constantine’s affairs, booking appointments, acting as an intermediary in negotiations, and dealing with Human Law Enforcement when the need arises.

Character History:
Not much is known about Katrina outside the inner court of Constantine L’Roman. His mysterious Human Servant comes and goes as she pleases, carrying out the Master’s orders. When Constantine holds court, she is never far from his side, and frequently offers her advice.

What is known, is that she met Contantine in France, almost 1500 years ago, and she and Raoul, the Master’s Animal Servant, have been with him ever since. If pressed further, Constantine will admit to meeting Katrina when he was still human and serving the Roman Legion in North Africa, and that when he was transferred to France she came with him as a Servant (more likely a slave or concubine, though there relationship appears to have no sexual component to it).

She handles Constantine’s daytime affairs, as well as being with him most nights. She appears to get very little sleep, and yet awakens fully refreshed after only a few hours. (In fact, she appears to break her naps up, sleeping for a few hours right after sunrise and right before sunset). The largest portion of her daytime duties seem to be centered around the Osiris Foundation, though it is unknown how exactly she, or Constantine, are connected with the Foundation.

She also handles business for Constantine outside of New Orleans. Though the exact nature of this business is unknown to anyone save Constantine himself.