Jean-Baptiste DuMont
Full Name: Jean-Baptiste DuMont
Date of Birth: 1473
Date of Death: 1520
Apparent Age: 47
Actual Age: 542
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Eunuch? (No one knows actually)
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Ethnicity: French
Religion: None
Degree of Religious Practice: None
Species: Vampire, Master
Bloodline: Mora

Physical Appearance:
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 187 lbs.
Body Type: Muscular, Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color:  Brown
Skin Tone: Black
Physical Disabilities:
Physical Description: Despite being taller than Constantine, Jean-Baptiste DuMont manages to hide in the shadows more than he allows himself to stand out. That is because as Temoin of the New Orleans Kiss, Jean-Baptiste DuMont’s role is not to stand out. As much as he is the loyal servant of Constantine L’Roman, he is also a weapon. A role that he has served in well.

Do not piss of Constantine. Or else Jean-Baptiste might visit you in your sleep an sever your head from your body.

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