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Full Name: Nashdoitsoh
Nickname: Nash, The Ghost Cat
Age: 450's
Age apparent: Mid 20's

Overall Appearance: Nash has the normal traits that is his Navajo heritage.  His skin has paled over the sunless centuries, but he still have that unmistakable tan.  His hair is long and straight, black as coal and down to his  knees, usually braided.  He usually wears it in a pony tail to keep it out of his face but it can be found sometimes braided or sometimes just hanging loose depending on his mood.  He usually wears an earring in his left ear honoring his Navajo traditions.

His frame is tall and thin, standing 6' 2" and weighing in at under 200 lbs.  This doesn't mean he is skin and bones.  On the contrary, his form is firm showing the six pack and muscular tone he had when he was brought over as a warrior.  He does have a few scars from battle where he was stabbed in the side or took an arrow to the shoulder and a cross shaped burn in his chest, but at this time they are cosmetic, badges of honor.  The tattoos which he wears on his arm detail his life's journey, the newest one certainly to signify his move to New Orleans, a side branch to signify Maggie's life that merges with his at the bonding, and a tattoo on his other arm of a sleeping lioness curled around his arm to signify Maggie.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 189 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Hair Style: Extremely long and straight, sometimes in a pony tail but usually braided.
Complexion: His complexion is a lighter tan from the lack of sun
Body shape: Tall and slim with a firm muscular tone
Clothing: Being a former hunter/warrior, Nash chooses function over fashion.  But being an Entrepreneur, he still attempts to impress.  He chooses business casual most of the time, wearing no collar one color shirts and slacks with business moccasins.  The shirts are usually bright and light in color while the slacks are more traditional tan, gray, or blue to match.  When he's out getting his hands dirty, he prefers a pullover shirt and jeans with boots.
Character Model: Martin Sensmeier

Basic Personality: Nash is fairly reserved.  Wise both from age and from the ways of his people, Nash is generally soft spoken and reserved.  He would rather watch and listen and bide his time.  He is extremely patient and calculating.  He prefers reaction over taking the initiative and tries to outsmart those who he sees as his rivals and enemies.

He had a great respect for nature and life.  Animals are sacred to him and should be treated with respect.  Lycantropes go a step further and believed to be Yee Naaldlooshi or the Navajo version of the Skin Walker.  Now that he knows that Lycanthropy is an infection and the Yee Naaldloosh are not witches, he has no patience for those who mistreat them.  If he sees one hurting or in need, he will do everything in his power to help them.

Nash is generally emotionless and can seem cold, especially when being calculating.  When he talks, it's usually just to answer a question or make a quick comment.  Sometimes he'll give some profound proverb from the wisdom of his people in a relevant, or not so relevant, situation.  He does have a sarcastic side; but because of the emotionless quips that he usually gives, it is hard for someone that doesn't know him to tell when he is using sarcasm or not.

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