Isabella Prichard
Isabella Prichard
'The Mother'

Given Name: Isabella Elise Prichard
Nicknames: Lizze, Elsa
Age: 34
Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Place of Birth: East Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity: Latina (French/Columbian descent)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Degree of Religious Practice: Lapsed

Physical Appearance
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 122 lbs.
Body Type: Thin, Athletic
Hair Color: Golden Brown
Hair Style: Long, Mid-Back
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Honey Bronzed
Birthmarks: None
Scars: None

Species: Canis Lupus Lycaon
Pack: Stone Cairn
Position: New Orleans

Height: 2’6” (at shoulder)
Length: 5’9” (nose to tail)
Weight: 59 lbs.
Fur Color: Reddish-Brown
Eye Color: Jade/Olive Green

Scent: Top: Jasmine/Roses;  Middle: Warm Earth;  Bottom: Cedar
Aura: Rose Pink/Gold

Appearance: Isabella looks, for all intents and purposes, like your typical Latina woman. Small, diminutive, with dark hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. Few would guess that her father was a French teacher in Los Angeles and it was only from her mother that she inherited her honeyed bronze skin and her dark hair and eyes. Don’t let her short size and diminutive stature fool you tough.. Isabella may be small, but she is lithe and athletic. She used to perform gymnastics, though she has long since given that up.

In a fight, Izzie prefers speed to raw strength. Dance around her opponents, forcing them to use up their energy trying to score passing hits against her.

Most days, she wears a loose blouse and capri jeans or khakis, especially when it is warm, and she can usually be found with a smudge of dirt on her face, or fresh dirt under her fingernails from planting flowers or making flower arrangements. When she needs to dress up, she can, and has an exotic look which turns all of the heads in a room.

Isabella is guarded, but she has reason to be. Two years in the protective custody of the Los Angeles Police Department and four years in Federal Witness Protection with the U.S. Marshals Service, can make anyone a bit paranoid. But Isabella is a survivor. Always has been. She survived the streets of East Los Angeles. Survived a near fatal attack. Survived her infection. And survived being targeted by her ex boyfriend, and member of the MS-13 gang, for witnessing him killing a rival gang member.

But, just because she is guarded does not mean she is uncaring, or cold. To her friends, those few people she calls friends, she is warm, and loving. She opened her heart up to Lana, helping the young woman flee from her abusive relationship with Orlando Santiago. And when the Pack started to fall apart after Juan-Vidal’s death, she helped to rescue those most vulnerable. Protected those who couldn’t protect themselves.

In many ways, Izzie, despite having lived apart from the Pack for so long, is the Pack’s heart and soul.

Character History:
Isabella Elisa Prichard was born in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Belvedere Gardens. One of the poorer neighborhoods in LA, Izzie didn’t grow up with much. Her father was a school teacher, a French language instructor at Montebello High School; her mother worked as a nurse at the Los Angeles County University of Southern California; and while the pair of them provided as best they could for their children (Izzie has two older brothers), there were some pretty lean years. Still, Izzie’s parents did the best they could, and Izzie and her brothers never grew up in a household without love.

Growing up on the streets of East LA was tough. Izzie’s oldest brother, Leopoldo, fell in with one of the gangs, and by the time he was in his early twenties had been arrested three or four times. Izzie’s other brother, Adrian, dropped out of High School when he was seventeen. But Izzie continued to push, and she continued to fight for her two older siblings. She eventually convinced Adrian to get his GED and join the Marine Corp, and she managed to get Leopoldo out of the gangs before he was killed.

When Izzie was twenty-six, he attracted the attention of Alejandro Juarez. Alejandro, or Alex to his friends, was the leader of a local faction of MS-13 gang members in Los Angeles, and an up and coming member for one of the many Mexican drug cartels operating in Southern California. He wooed Isabella, presenting her with a sweet, gentle side unlike the thug and gangster side known to the LAPD. While Alex had many women he ‘rolled with’, Isabella was his prize. A young woman with brains. They dated for two years. Two bliss-filled years. And the entire time, Alex showed Izzie a version of himself entirely removed from who he really was. He showed her a world of lavish, expensive gifts. Of dinners in fancy, expensive restaurants. But, eventually, the house of car’s Alex had built began to fall apart, and the reality of Alejandro’s world came crashing down on Izzie.

While out to eat at a fancy restaurant in Downtown LA, a member of another gang spotted Alejandro in the restaurant, and came in, causing a scene. Alejandro apologized to Izzie, and followed the guy outside. They were gone for a bit, so Izzie got worried and followed. She found Alejandro stabbing the kid to death in an alleyway. She screamed, and Alejandro turned and attacked her as well, leaving her for dead in that same alleyway. But Izzie survived. Though not unscathed. During her hospital stay, she was given infected blood, and contracted Wolf lycanthrope.

In the weeks following the attack, a Detective from the Los Angeles Police Department came to see her. Thy wanted her to testify to watching Alejandro murder the young man. At first she was reluctant, but when Alejandro sent someone to try and kill her, an attack that was only stopped by the interference of the Los Angeles Ulfric, she changed her mind.

For two years she lived under the protection of the LAPD and the Los Angeles Pack, but when a federal taskforce, composed of agents of the FBI, DEA, ICE, CBP, and BATFE raided a warehouse owned by Alejandro and seized weapons, explosives, and drugs, LAPD protection no longer seemed like enough. At twenty-eight, Isabella Prichard was picked up at her parents house in East LA by Special Agents of the U.S. Marshals Service. She was rushed to a private airport, flown on a private jet from Los Angeles, to Dallas, and eventually, to New Orleans. The Marshals Service set her up with a new name, Gabrielle Ruiz, and a new identity in a city a half a continent away. They hoped the presence of a rival gang, Los Sangrientos, would prevent Alejandro from coming to kill her, even if they found her.

And so for the next four years, Isabella Prichard lived a lie. Buried beneath her false identity. Protected from the Los Sangrientos Pack only by her involvement with the U.S. Marshals. In a way, she had it easy. She could build a new life in New Orleans, free from the pain and torture inflicted on the other female Wolves in the city. And Juan-Vidal, Ulfric of the Pack, only had one rule for her. Don’t interfere. But that rule was almost immediately put to the test.

It began with a chance encounter at a Farmers Market. Isabella was buying fresh vegetables to cook a shrimp and chorizo paella, when she first bumped into Ah Lam Liu. The young woman was, who preferred to be called Lana rather than by her full name, was a newly turned Shifter, in many ways not unlike Izzie herself, and the two became fast friends. There meets were usually always in public, though it always felt like there was a clandestine nature to their meets. That Lana was always looking over her shoulder, or rushed. And it wasn’t long before Izzie found out why. Orlando Santiago.

Isabella recognized the character of the man the moment she saw him, and recognized in Lana’s behavior around him, the way she became suddenly submissive and nervous, looking down, flinching if he raised his voice, and the way he hovered over her, exactly what type of relationship it was. Izzie tried to get her to leave, but Lana refused. In some sick, twisted way, she loved Orlando. Or at least she loved the attention he gave her. But, in the way things do, the situation escalated. Lana disappeared for almost an entire month, and when she finally ran to Izzie, it was for her help. Orlando had beaten her, badly. Broken every bone in her body. When she had healed, she had returned the favor, but she needed to leave. Before Orlando could call Juan-Vidal. Before they could come for her. So Izzie made it happen... She called up the Los Angeles Ulfric and she put Lana on a plane with plenty of money to get her settled. And when Juan-Vidal and Orlando cme, which she knew they would, she was ready.

From there, things only spiraled out of control in New Orleans. Juan-Vidal’s new ‘bride’ Julia, pissed off the head of the Cougar Pride, kidnapped his daughter, and started a war that ended with Juan-Vidal’s death. From there the bitch seized control of the Pack and continued the bloodshed, and so Izzie started saving who she could, working with Gabriel, Rey of the Cougars, to get wolves out of New Orleans. It was because of their efforts, and the stories these wolves carried with them, that Deacon Keen, Ulfric of the Gathering Storm Pack, even came to New Orleans.

Now, with Julia dead and the old Pack dissolved, the time has come for people to heal...