• This game is under the Fantasy, Historical & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is REACTIVE FREEFORM ~ 1870s HISTORICAL FANTASY.
  • This game contains adult content.
~~ SMUGGLER'S COVE ~~ {Adult}



CORNWELL, 1770s and King Charles Stuart II of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales is back on the throne.  The Royal Courts are so full of diabolical intrigue and decadence and even more so in the county of Cornwall  with Nobles that are not quite so noble, many are Murderers, Highwaymen, Smugglers or Pirates!  Some even the King's own Privateers!

The King has appointed Jonathan Beaupre' as the <i>'King's Hand'
to apprehend the rift raft of his Country,  Commander Sir Jonathan Beaupre' of Cornwall.  The Coastal waters are full of pirates and privateers, and smugglers!!!  The roads full of highwaymen such as the Scarecrow's Smuggling gang! Mistresses selling their charms for an old man's money. Young maiden's willing to sell their soul to save their estates.  Scandal abounds from countryside to the High Courts to the High seas!

Jonathan has to go after many Pirates, Murderers and Highwaymen as part of his job but he has his hands full, with a new bride that has shown her true colours and taken to the High Seas  without him knowing it, the return of his dead wife too.  Yet another woman inflames his soul and his loin, The Black Swan!  He has to work to bring in all the brigands he has on the ever-growing list that the Royal Steward Sir Durnley gives him, yet he would sooner run Durnley through with his sword as look at the man for all the lies and debauchery he and his henchmen have done!  Ahhh but is Jonathan Beaupre' a saint or sinner!  He is a dark and moody man, one that others tend to shy clear of!

Come join in this world of intrigue, wars, defiance and love.  Smugglers, Pirates and their crew, Highwaymen, Privateers, NOT so Noble Nobles, Durnley's Henchmen, ALL play the masked not so Noble Courtiers, the intrigues get more intricate, murders and the seas are rampant with PIRATES!!!!