• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Home-brewed.
  • This game contains mature content.
The Secret of Mount Colossos

Mount Colossos, the huge dormant volcano of the Vran Savannah, is a place shrouded in legend and an ever present fog bank on it's dizzying heights. Guarded for centuries by a fearsome Dragon, Ganjor Dras, the region was inaccessible until 20 years ago when a Salassian Phant Rider, Kareenyaga Kintaweh, inexplicably defeated the monster. Since that time, the Mount Colossos Territory as it is called, has been a beacon to prospectors, and adventurers alike looking to get rich from the rumored wealth of minerals in the area. The King of Salassia, the Terran State, dedicated to Rastafarianism and Ancient Voodoo religions from Old Earth, has made Kintaweh a Count,  the ruler of the territory as long as a rich supply of wealth flows from the mountain south to the capital Zion.

 It is now the winter of 572 AA, and one of the river barges which transports goods and people along the Vran River, The Malkia, makes its way southward from Zion to the Mount Colossos Territory. It is a journey of many days through the dry Vran Savannah. The kingdom of Salassia is  to the East and the Kingdom of Arjuna to the West. This far from civilization it barely makes a difference as both banks are wilderness populated by the wild denziens of Dranabia.  Large bloats of Vran Hippos, kiboko in the the local dilect are seen periodically, often menacingly close to the boat.  Basks of giant Vran crocodiles, mamba are often seen as well, giving anyone with an urge to swim immediate pause. Jafari, the ships captain, is a likeable fellow and seems  respected by his crew. He is overweight with long dreadlocks as is common among the Salassians.  He takes time showing travelers new to the region the various kinds of wildlife that can be seen from time to time along the river, and he seems very pleased and content in his element, enthusiastic in his tales of close calls with some of the more dangerous situations in his many years along the river.  There are occasional wild Phants who have been known to charge a barge. These large elephants are much bigger than the variety that legends talk about on Old Earth. Mostly, he entertains his guests with tales about Colossos itself, the occasional attacks from many smaller younger dragons that inhabit the region, and some of the major finds he has heard about deep within the mines of the mountain. Other travelers on the boat include merchants, prospectors, and even a couple noisy and smelly trained Phants, the favored transport and mount for Salassian soldiers in the area.  A few Salassian soldiers guard the barge, they are clad in a strange armor made from ceramic. Jafari calls it dongo.  They are also armored with a variety of weapons including mkuki joka, long lances with a strange blue tinted metal.
  Some other passengers stand out to you over the days on the river and you begin to make their acquaintance.. ( intro of starting players)