Multiple Accounts

(a.k.a. Duplicate Accounts)

RPoL was created from the start with role-playing in mind, and one of the key features was for people to have many characters in one or more games which, from the point of view of a third party, are completely separate.  Having more than one character in a game only requires the one account.

With this in mind it has been noticed that the overwhelming urge to create a second or third (or in some cases a twenty-ninth) account to bypass site rules, GM decisions, or generally just to cause disruption, does possess some people.

Due to the stunning examples of those who have trod the weary road of "Ha ha look what I can do!" before us, a site policy was implemented which forbids multiple accounts.

By this it is meant that you, a single entity, may not create more than one account for any reason.  People sharing computers are more than welcome to create an account for each person, and this FAQ is not meant to dissuade people sharing a computer or an internet connection from doing such.

We actively audit troublemakers, current and past, and log IP addresses and browser information to assist in this.  The logs are kept internal to RPoL assistants.

The following are not valid reasons to create another account:

The following are valid reasons to create another account:

Keep in mind that users, especially those from the same computer, should keep their accounts separate at all times; they should keep a unique password no one else knows, and they should never, under any circumstances, log into or use one another's accounts for any reason.  It should go without saying (but of course it doesn't) that anyone registering an account at RPoL needs to register the account to their own email address which they check regularly.

Finally, note that RPoL Moderators can assist users in getting a new Account Name.  This involves an internal rename, not the creation of a new account.  When an Account is renamed, all of its details remain the same: only the user name changes.  To have your account renamed, send an rMail to the Moderators (using the to/CC moderators option there) detailing your request.  While we will usually do one rename with few questions asked, we may refuse renames for any reason and will not entertain requests for a rename so that a user can escape their own reputation.  Renames beyond the first are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Last updated: 18:30, Sun 02 Oct 2011.
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