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Sat 26 Jan 2008
at 15:00
Reminder: Keep your email address up to date.
This is something that comes up often when trying to assist users in recovering a lost or inaccessable account, so it's worth a small reminder every now and again.

Be sure to keep your account's registered email address up to date.  You can change the email address using the "User Preferences" area (link on the upper left) and clicking the "Change your user details" link under "Personal Information".

RPoL never shares email addresses with anyone else, and uses them only for administration purposes -- that is, to contact a user (if we ever need to) should rMail not work, or to assist site users in password recovery.

Our Terms of Use requires that your account's registered email address be one that you both own and check regularly.

If you need to change your account's email address and have any trouble doing so, you can contact us Moderators using rMail -- just tick the box for "to/cc Moderators" at the "Compose" screen, and we'll get it all straightened out.
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Wed 14 Apr 2010
at 17:54
Re: Reminder: Keep your email address up to date.
Please take the time to check & update your email address in User Preferences.

This is especially a good idea if you want to receive emailed notifications of posts.