Update 67 - August 2015
New Features:

  • Secondary GM aliases (only) can now be hidden from the game by giving the character the "Hidden" tag.
  • Added <smallcaps>Small Caps</smallcaps>.
  • Different dice sizes can now be added and/or subtracted from each other and presented as one result.
  • GMs can now create a template for access requests (a.k.a. requests to join) that appears above the compose screen on new access requests.
  • Allowed an anchor point to be placed within messages (GM only) and character sheets/descriptions (anyone) with [anchor name_of_link].  Zoomed to by making <a href=#name_of_link>Zoom</a>.
  • Added the Last Unicorn Games system to the dice roller.
  • Added the Prowlers & Paragons game system to the dice roller.
  • Added the AGE System to the dice roller.
  • Added the Only War system to the dice roller.
  • You now receive a warning if a change is made to a character sheet or description while you are also editing it.


  • Different way of reporting versions and the changes they contain.  How enthralling.
  • New accounts are now required to give a month and year of birth.
  • Access to the adult section of RPoL must now be applied for, which is then granted by a moderator.  Once permitted you also must do a (quick and instantly approved) age statement for each adult game you are in.
  • Email notifications now have an unsubscribe link in the email header to lessen the chance of being detected as spam.
  • Updated the Warhammer Test roll to include the actual die rolled.
  • Changed some of the logic behind the dice rolling to make it less error prone.  Hopefully didn't make any errors doing so.
  • Stopped the compose message screen being so sensitive about excessive use of "quote" in short messages.
  • The "View Profile of" drop-down list for GMs is now grouped into player and non-player characters.
  • Added last modified parameter to game maps to (try to) stop browsers from displaying out-of-date images from their cache.
  • User created external links now have "rel='nofollow'" for search engine optimisation (to ensure there's no unnatural link penalty for the sites we link to).
  • Merged the game website and external links to one section; Game Links.
  • Tweaked the layout of the game links to allow for a more consistent display plus reduce redundancy.
  • Popup stickylist can now notify on new private messages, game messages, or both.
  • If you remove a (non-deleted) game from your stickylist via the minus symbol on the main menu, you will now receive a small box allowing you to add it back, plus instructions on how to find missing games that you play in.


  • Stopped the language lines messing up characters that were being converted to HTML codes (e.g. < and >) as well as really implement half of the language line fix that I professed to do previously.
  • Stopped (game) banned users being listed in some GM screens.
  • Fixed the dice roller log not handling email addresses in the "Reason for roll" field, and made it generally more robust.
  • Stopped the game info screens sometimes obfuscating the logon time for GMs.
  • Fixed message subject sometimes being truncated when replying to private threads.
  • Fixed custom themes not removing message colouring in all circumstances, you will need to edit and re-save your custom theme.
  • Stopped some input fields sometimes being truncated at a single quote.
  • Thread filters now survive page changes.
  • Stopped unofficial lurkers getting notified of new posts in threads they couldn't see.
  • Fixed certain combinations of "pre" causing new lines to vanish.
  • Added in missing descriptions for some game categories.
  • Wiki - Stopped Creole italics (//) killing hyperlinks (http:italics!).
  • Wiki - Stopped multiple/leading spaces being removed.
  • Fixed system moderation messages not displaying and grouping correctly in rMail.
  • Stopped some GM screens allowing reserved tags to be used.
  • Fixed the dice roller returning a result of zero when combining unique rolls with re-roll ones.
  • Navigating away from a message preview now alerts you if you haven't changed the body text.

Version 1.9.57 - April 2014

  • Updated/edited/removed/added/merged the game categories based on user feedback.  GMs - check your game categories.
  • Added Warhammer Test to the dice roller.
  • Added more formatting capabilities to the <a href="http://wiki.rpol.net>wiki</a>.
  • Fixed inconsistent display of easy tables.  Namely broken bits in PHP scripts (which affected game info screens and the wiki when added to that).
  • Tweaked the Creole markup on the wiki so it is a bit more strict (e.g. a line of underscores doesn't become a bunch of underlined underscores).
  • Updated some help files.

Version 1.9.56 - March 2014

  • Stopped lurkers getting new message indicators for threads they did not have access to.
  • Stopped the GM "Check & Fix Access" routine from inserting the game back on the stickylist of a banned user.
  • Stopped care occasions where a game could reappear back on a user's stickylist if they removed it on one machine and then used another without relogging.
  • Quoting an "easy" table/grid no longer requires superfluous carriage returns to make it work.
  • Wrapping [code][/code] around an "easy" table/grid now stops it becoming one.
  • The edit bio section in the GM menu now displays all bios at once.
  • Text formatting within Language lines should no longer get scrambled.
  • Fixed Star Wars Edge of the Empire dice roller.
  • Added the ability to change how many Fudge (the system) dice to roll in the dice roller.
  • Changed the GM bio editing to be for all characters rather than just one at a time.
  • Fixed recording of die for the Spacemaster and Rolemaster systems.
  • Added a wiki link to the GM screen.
  • Added some cursive fonts to the list for Android devices, but most don't seem to have a cursive font installed.
  • In games with a lot of characters/private groups, the list should now scroll (though Chrome and Firefox also display an annoying bottom scrollbar despite my best efforts).
  • Fixed an issue where (when entering in information such as character names, bios, tags) only the first of multiple errors would be reported.

Version 1.9.55 - November 2013

  • Improved mySQL queries/structure for faster results (factor of ten in many places, factor of five hundred in one).
  • Changed user/character name searches to match at the start of the name, not anywhere (again, done for SQL performance).
  • Stopped the reply links (available within a message) sometimes truncating the subject.
  • Scrambled language lines are now more word-like by using unigrams, bigrams and trigrams.  Less things like "Xwm Ns" and more "Tra Beil".  Still nonsense, but hopefully not as jarringly so.
  • Added "easy" tables and grids.
  • Border="0" (quotes optional) now removes the border on tables, and a value of 2 or 3 thickens it.  Done via the "full" <table></table> commands).
  • Fixed/added the ability for GMs to download threads in a game marked for deletion.
  • Removed "Links" from the main menu.  It's so neglected and outdated it's a disservice.
  • Fixed replying to private threads that had renamed characters as one (or more) of the recipients.
  • Increased the "reason for roll" text length (from 40 to 100).  Added hanging indent for when lines wrap in the log.
  • Added Earthdawn 3rd edition to the dice roller.  Renamed the older Earthdawn to "Earthdawn 1st & 2nd ed".
  • Added Star Wars Edge of the Empire to the dice roller, which involved a slight change to the layout.
  • Added d30 to the list of standard die sizes.
  • Fixed textarea wrapping issue in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Deleting rMails from the thread list view now remembers the page you were on.
  • Stopped a GM repying to a RTJ of a banned user putting the game back onto the user's stickylist.
  • Changed a few references of "genre" to "category", which we'll use to reference game genres categories from now on.

Version 1.9.54 - March 2013

  • Created wiki.rpol.net - half traditional wiki, half game wiki (with security).
  • Added 16 more groups.
  • Simultaneous post detection - Detects if a message has been posted (or removed) from the thread while you're composing.
  • Preview now allows immediate re-editing.
  • Major reorganisation of the style sheets.
  • Custom site themes, available from User Preferences.  Overrides special day themes.
  • Gave users the ability to disable text colouring within messages, done from your custom theme.
  • Added [Secret to character/group:..] code, like private messages but no visual clue is given to recipients that it is a private message.  GMs only.
  • Added per player per game settings; currently only one setting exists - whether new posts default to using your primary character (helpful for GMs and those with more than one character in a game).


  • Rolled dice can now be different colours, for aesthetics.  Copy and pasting the text should (in most browsers) include the colour codes.
  • Fixed some cell alignments and column widths.
  • Removed row highlighting dependence on javascript.
  • Removed button colouring dependence on javascript.
  • Stopped Internet Explorer consuming the last enter in a selection when formatting text.
  • Added the ability (for GMs) to remove some (rather than all) entries from the die roller log.
  • Used HTML paragraph (<p>) tags in the die log rathern than new lines (<br>) for easier triple-click selection in some browsers.
  • Deleted game searches (on the main menu) now include a hyperlink to the game.  Also removed the system column as deleted games don't have one.
  • Added the ability to edit player tags to the GM menu.
  • Added the ability to change player editable character sheets to the GM menu.
  • Added the option to view the scratchpad as a message.
  • Added "large" font formatting.  Compounds up to three times.
  • Added character sheet templates.  Up to five can be created and then can be used whenever adding a new character.
  • GMs can now use one-off NPC names in the dice roller.  Can also be used from the dice roller hyperlinks with "npc=<name>".
  • Fixed security hole that allowed game editors to edit GM posts.
  • Added security check so game editors can only edit threads they're given permisison to (previously could edit messages posted to any thread they could see).
  • Added alternate numerical base rolls in the dice roller, denoted with "b" (e.g. "3b6").  Results are not added but recorded in order (with leading zeros if the die size is greater than 9).
  • Players can now view the source of their character sheet and description in deleted games (rather than just the output), and all from the one location (the Character Details screen).
  • Added "Mark all as Read" to the rMail screens, especially helpful for those who delete rMails without reading them.
  • GMs and players can now (temporarily) filter threads.
  • When replying to a thread, players and GMs now only have the private groups listed that are valid for that thread group.  Shortens the (possibly very long) list and removes impossible combinations.
  • Added "General" alongside the Mature and Adult content flags for searching (on the Main Menu and Wanted - Players forum).
  • NPCs are now separed a bit more in some areas, such as when posting and editing groups.
  • Made the "Private to" checkboxes wrap nicer.
  • Added (soft) message limit to rMail threads as (up to) 6,300 replies in one thread is a bit excessive.
  • Character sorting now excludes leading non-alphanumeric characters.

Version 1.8.54 - June 2012

  • Fixed some minor display issues caused by last update.
  • Fixed "Last Post" display on the GM menu.
  • Updated the CSS and JS includes so they always include the modified file time as part of the string, which will (should) avoid any future caching issues.

Version 1.8.53 - June 2012

  • Removed Internet Explorer relying on 'quirks mode' for the fixed headers and footers.
  • Tweaked (improved?) font sizes, line height, and sub/superscript layout.
  • Changed the fixed footer and header scrolling mechanisms (via CSS) to a better format.
  • Changed rounded corners to non-javascript reliant versions with CSS3, and added more to the site due to the ease.  Older (non CSS3 aware) browsers will lose the rounded corners.
    • As a result; Column alignment in tables (mostly not working before) is now definitely broken (browsers don't support it anymore).  Don't use <alignment> in tables to align columns anymore, align the cells instead.
  • Added the ability to link to specific messages, though the fact they can move to different pages (due to the fact RPoL paginates from the most recent post, not the first) can make it unreliable.
  • Stopped the GM menu showing everyone as having no portraits when editing characters.
  • Fixed circumstances where "Delete rMail" wouldn't work for system generated messages.
  • Fixed some incorrect HTML.
  • Fixed the message number reference for replies being out by one (in private threads).
  • Fixed W-P not showing genre and system for the top thread on some (most) pages, as well as notices being incorrectly positioned in searches.
  • Truncated long game systems in W-P for better layout.  Hovering over shows the full system.
  • Fixed inconsistent and incorrect tag display issues for NPCs.
  • Stopped the autosuggest game system searches selecting a system comment if the user accidentally hovers over the comment and then presses enter.  Also disabled the ability for users to click on the comment.
  • Increased the die roller log from 50 (I thought it was 100!) to 200.
  • Added a link to character posts (for GMs and the player) to see the dice roller log, highlighting the rolls ±1 hour of the message.
  • Fixed where the GM "One Stop" player management page wouldn't let you rename a character.
  • Fixed a problem where once-per-day email notifications were not being sent.
  • Increased number of threads per page from 22 to 25, due to larger screen sizes and/or faster Internet speeds.  A small increment, but we'll monitor the impact and feedback.
  • Stopped the "multiple recipients" window locking up Chrome due to a closed dialogue box.
  • Unofficial lurkers (those not added to games as a lurker) now only get new message alerts if they can see the group.
  • Stopped moderators being added to the recipient list of a (single) rMail every time it was reported (they now are only added the first time).
  • Stopped the "Please do not try to imitate system messages" check being quite so aggressive.

Version 1.8.52 - November 2011

  • Players and (official) lurkers to a game no longer get new message indicators for groups they don't have access to!
    • A side effect of this is that you will continue to get alerts for games you are a player or official lurker in.  Removing a game from your sticky list will no longer suffice, you have to request the GM remove you from the game.  While a slight shift in operation for players, hopefully this will result in less vanishing players for GMs.


  • Fixed the lightly edited/punctuation tweaked editing messages (which broke some time in 2007).
  • Access requests in games now have a "RPoL Profile" link.
  • When typing in a game system it now gives better feedback if you have a prefix or suffix (or both) to a known game system.
  • Updated the game check & fix routine for (some of) the changes done during 1.7.
  • Fixed an issue where a game removed from your stickylist couldn't be added again if you've already read the newest thread.
  • Any NPC with the tag containing the word "NPC" will now be grouped in the cast list (rather than the tag having to be exactly "NPC").
  • Fixed advertising game count in the RPoL information page in the FAQs.
  • Fixed the email notification drop-down list automatically selecting GMT send time rather than your local send time (for updates sent once a day at a specified time).

Version 1.7.52 - October 2011

  • Added game systems!
  • Converted the (per game) player database to a single mySQL database.
  • Converted the (per game) character database to a single mySQL database.
  • Rewrote "gameinfo" in PHP.


  • Increased the map size by a factor of ten to one megabyte (i.e. 1,024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes) as the current 40MB worth of images seems nothing when compared to the 9.5GB of messages.
  • Added one additional game map per group per game, secured so only a user with a character in the appropriate group can see the image.  One megabyte limit per image.
  • Fixed places where the dice roller wouldn't record when "unique die" was selected.
  • Added Feng Shui system to the dice roller.
  • Added The Riddle of Steel system to the dice roller.
  • Added Ricochet system to the dice roller.
  • Added HackMaster Basic/Advanced Penetration and Backstab systems to the dice roller.
  • The dice roller now checks that the drop/keep amount entered is a digit (to indicate the number of dice to drop/keep).
  • Game systems and complicated manual dice rolls (with more than one set of die) can now always have fudged rolls (rather than randomly returning an error that the fudged amount is invalid).
  • The dice roller now maxes the fudged (fixed) roll to the maximum possible if the amount is higher than the die size (it does continue to try and warn if the fudged amount is too high or low).
  • The dice roller can now skew rolls as well as fixing them to a number.  Enter ±integer to artificially raise or lower the rolls by that (e.g. 1d20 skewed +1 will result in a roll between 2 and 20 (inclusive), all weighted evenly).
  • Fudged rolls can now have a roll in the middle of the sequence completely random (i.e. not rigged).  Done by putting in a "?" in the sequence (e.g. "20 ? 6").  Skewing a result by +0 or -0 in the sequence will have the same effect.
  • Fixed a dice roller bug that wouldn't insert a comma after the first roll result (if it was zero).
  • Fixed a dice roller bug that would continue to subtract dice rolls from the modifier.
  • Fixed a dice roller bug that prevented it from saving the default configuration for manual rolls.
  • Fixed several WoD dice roller mechanics and tweaked some feedback provided in the logs.
  • Fixed incorrect tally showing on the RPoL Miscellaneous Information page.
  • Fixed auto-linking of help pages with pluses in them.
  • Improved the "Info" link (available from character posts).
  • Changed the HTTP Headers to try and stop browsers presenting stale (old) pages upon the use of the back button.
  • Fixed Ad Filtering in "Wanted - Players" returning duplicate genres for each matching game.
  • Improved the error handling for game advertisements in "Wanted - Players".
  • Added filtering for mature, adult and sole ownership to "Wanted - Players" and main menu search.
  • Advertisements in "Wanted - Players" now show the mature, adult and sole ownership icons in the thread list.
  • Tweaked the feeds script to avoid some readers detecting an update to a game as a new entry.
  • Added last modified support for RDF and RSS feeds (Atom feeds already had it).
  • Fixed RSS (only) feeds having incorrect maximum cache value (was 60 times higher than it should have been).
  • Added game/forum category to the feeds to allow grouping by that attribute (for readers that support it).
  • Fixed a problem in the [reply] link where it would sometimes truncate the subject.
  • Stopped "typed" from being added after the user's name in quote boxes.
  • Fixed private note prefix text not being completely case insensitive.
  • Improved the genre searching.
  • Added "first", "last" and "new" (which is a guess) to the thread links.
  • Fixed the first table row entry (sometimes) being skipped for user tables in messages.
  • Game editors (previously called "game moderators") can no longer see private lines when editing messages.
  • Fixed some (more) game/site statistics.
  • Added more thread information (topic, poster, etc) to the browser's window/tab title.
  • GM posts using the "Other Name" entry will now not only use a matching NPC/character's details (bio etc), but will update the relevant post count and last post entry.
  • Added colspan, rowspan and (percentage) width keywords for table cells (th and td).  Tightened the security on the table parameters and sped up the parsing while I was at it.
  • Fixed a bug in the polls that would stop the title of a single poll (i.e. one with no sub-polls) from being displayed.
  • Added "m.rpol.net" and tweaked (improved?) detection of mobile browsers that don't report they are mobile browsers.  Fixed header/footer is turned off when any of these are used or found.
  • Added support for [dice=...] in character sheets and messages.  Allows links to be automatically generated to go to the dice roller and setup the options ready for a roll.  More information is available in the help (under Games \ RuBB Code).
  • Increased portrait selection/browse screen from 6x3 to 8x4 (32 portraits a page rather than 18).
  • Added formatting toolbar to character sheet, character description, and game introduction composition screens.
  • Added reminder/option to turn off the Players Wanted flag when a GM is adding a player or character.
  • Tried to standardised more of the GM management screens to have the text inside solid coloured boxes (rather than sitting on what could potentially be the background image).
  • Added automatic URL shortening for really long links.
  • PM'ing from and to the same character is now only checked (and stopped) for new threads, not for replies.
  • Enabling email notifications now requires an activation link to be sent to your email account - far too many users had incorrect addresses or did not allow RPoL to email them, resulting in a large portion of failure reports flooding the admin mailbox.
  • Removed rMail and PM links from own character posts.
  • Stopped email addresses in rMail subjects being hyperlinks to the email address (you think I'd have learnt from last time).
  • Added Private/Language Groups.  Groups with hidden members that can be used for private communication inside game messages.
  • The main menu now shows your GMT offset as well as the time (current as of when the page is loaded).
  • Added more text styling colours.
  • Changed the way the 'pre' button displays to avoid the undo buffer being cleared in Internet Explorer.
  • Changed portraits to default to on for new accounts.
  • Added the ability to locate and re-add any games you play (or lurk) in back to your sticky list.
  • Fixed colours not flowing to sub-elements (e.g. a table enclosed in <red>..</red> would not have red text).
  • Tables and colours within a spoiler will now be hidden.
  • "Return to this thread" (displayed in the summary when posting/editing a message) will now jump to the bottom of the thread or the edited message (providing it is on the last page).
  • The game post count on the main menu will jump to the private or public thread list if there are new posts for either.
  • "Mark all as Read" now doesn't require a refresh for the private thread list.
  • Improved the character name feedback/functionality when rMailing from a game.
  • Dice rolls aborted due to selection errors will maintain the "Reason for Roll" field.
  • Removed some very old non-CSS colour definitions.
  • The login box should no longer lose focus from the account name field.
  • Added a reminder notice for GMs, players and prospective players for the PM screen in adult games to provide statements of age before joining the game.
  • The first visit to a game upon being added will display a brief welcome message, making it more obvious that you've been accepted.

Version 1.6.52 - September 2010

  • Fixed problems with Internet Explorer cookies cause by setting the same session and persistent cookie.

Version 1.6.51 - April 2010

  • Added email notifications (accessible via "User Preferences").
  • Fixed problem with sending rMail to particular account names.
  • Fixed displaying/saving messages which had a line with a "0" (and only that number) on it.
  • Added screen scrolling to the multiple private recipient window.

Version 1.6.50 - July 2008

  • Converted the stickylist script to PHP.
  • Added automatic scrollbar to stickylist when it's needed.
  • Blocked a small plethora of disposable email services.  Whilst these are great services they are just too prone to misuse.
  • Fixed rMail link on the main menu not being red when there is new rMail.
  • Removed more ways for GMs to (incorrectly) give a standard player a character labelled as a GM.
  • Fixed incorrect game information being displayed from game searches.
  • Using the [quote] or [reply] links in a private thread no longer loses the recipients.
  • Added some basic email and password guidance to the signup page.
  • Prettied up internal links to game (still not as nice as before, but it's the best we can do).
  • Fixed a security flaw which would allow a user to post to the wrong group.
  • Fixed a coding bug that would allow a user to post to a forum they were banned in (by manipulating the URL).
  • Added the FrameWerk system to the dice roller.
  • Added the Full Light, Full Steam system to the dice roller.
  • Fixed, added and enhanced some site moderation routines.
  • Fixed terms of use link on the login screen.

Version 1.6.49 - June 2008

  • Fixed a grammatical error or tow.
  • Fixed a problem where re-editing a preview of a private message edit would reset the message contents.
  • Increased the default game limit to five.
  • Removed an error message being displayed for GMs when there were no private messages in the game.
  • Fixed a problem where numbers wouldn't be counted as part of a legitimate message.
  • Stopped message previews showing HTML hyperlinks as being valid for users.  (Auto-hyperlinking does still work, however.)
  • Updated the auto-hyperlinking to detected the new help links.
  • Added a text area for users to enter in some (any) information about themselves they wish.  Available under the "User Preferences" screen.
  • Expanded the game genre selections so GMs can select up to three genres for their game.
  • Reorganised the main menu to facilitate the multiple-genre options.
  • Changed the browsing and searching functionality into one integrated search on the main menu.
  • Added the CODA system to the dice roller.
  • Added generic "target number" system to the dice roller.
  • Fixed loophole in the "Wanted - Players" forum that users were exploiting.
  • The popup stickylist no longer refreshes (thus giving redundant alerts) when you click on a link.
  • Fixed a way where people could find out if a moderator (but not which) was playing a PC in a game by playing around with rMail.
  • Fixed a loophole where people with rMail disabled could reply to rMails to non-moderators.
  • Fixed a loophole where people with banned accounts could compose (and reply to) rMails to non-moderators.
  • Moved more functionality to the SQL databases.
  • Optimised the rMail SQL queries.
  • Added thread list paging to rMail.
  • New account names now must be four or more characters long.
  • Fixed an error with the dice roller that stopped the "Reason for roll" text staying if there was a problem with chosen die/options.
  • Added a header when viewing a thread of basic thread details.  For those with short memories.
  • Fixed bug that caused a thread to lose its group details when a player edited the first message in a thread that the GM posted on their behalf.
  • Added "reply" link for each message in a thread which allows easy replying and reference to the message.
  • Made browsers (that didn't already) scroll to the end of message text when there was already some (eg quote, reply and editing).
  • Blocked new user registrations using sneakemail.com, a disposable email service.  (Yahoo addresses with hyphens in them were also previously blocked for a similar reason.)
  • Fixed a bug where when a GM edited any message but the first and selected 'Bump' it would lose the notice status of the thread.
  • Stopped HTML code from working in rMail subjects.
  • Added the ability to block users from using the adult section of the site (i.e. games labelled as having adult content).
  • Added the Unisystem system to the dice roller.
  • The thread download function now offers to include the message number.
  • Visitors to a game can now view the dice roller (but not roll dice).

Version 1.6.48 - July 2007

  • Stopped message edits updating the message post date when the name was also changed.
  • Updated the GM "One Stop" player/character editing screen so it allowed the new groups.
  • Fixed the "rMail" link for users.  The problems that one little comma can cause (and the alliteration!).
  • Updated the compose screen to use a more predictable size for upcoming features.  Also updated the colouring and border.
  • Fixed an incorrect "Internal Server Error" that could come up when people were banned from a game.
  • You can now re-edit a preview of a private message edit.  Yes, that is supposed to make sense.
  • Added some CSS commands for handheld browsers that claim they can render full pages (but can't).
  • Added a "Disable fixed header" (and footer) option to the user preferences.
  • Added a quick multiple account check to the signup screen for people who just don't get it.
  • Fixed a bug where GMs adding a character would sometimes not get the biography saved.
  • Fixed some stickylist timing and counting issues which were causing display messages to go four times faster than they should.
  • Reduced (and hopefully eliminated) the occurrence of pages scrolling to the top.
  • Fixed a problem with the login validation screen not giving people a chance to try again.
  • Further modified the message indicator cookie routine.  No longer prunes off the more detailed records after 30 minutes but rather when it gets too long for browsers to store.
  • Created the framework for the special announcements forum.
  • Added "direct link" hyperlink to the help pages for easy reference.

Version 1.6.47 - May 2007

  • Removed two small bugs in the routines that tagged threads as read or unread.
  • Added "Mark all as Read" for private threads.
  • Added the Advantage system to the dice roller.
  • Re-added the deletion link for players when reading a private message.
  • Fixed error with GMs deleting some private threads.
  • Fixed a display error when deleting private threads.
  • Fixed a problem where forum moderators could not edit other messages.
  • Tweaked the game info/intro and cast list links.
  • Reduced the size and "in your face" presence of the post limit warnings.
  • Added options to the stickylist audible alert (off, all messages or private messages (and rMail) only).
  • Tweaked the "you are at" message on the stickylist page so it's immediately there and updated more often.
  • Fixed a ToU link error.
  • Fixed an error message being displayed when characters were allocated to group 0 (and only group 0).
  • Stopped deleted games being automatically removed from stickylists.
  • Added a redirect back to the mail rMail menu after editing a rMail message.
  • Message preview in games now shows the correct name when the GM uses a manual name.
  • One-off NPC posts made by the GM (via the manual name entry) have all display options (re)enabled.
  • Users with rMail off can now reply to moderator assistance threads they start.
  • Users with rMail turned off can no longer send rMails to non-moderators.  Added warning screens to match.
  • Slightly increased the line spacing between links after posting, editing, deleting (et al) a message.
  • Fixed the font colouring in the "Multiple Recipients" window.
  • Fixed the "pre" message format link.
  • Stopped users being able to search for a game without entering a game/gm name.
  • rMail now shows (up to) the last five messages when replying.
  • Added quoting (i.e. replying with another message quoted) to rMail.
  • Added "last edited" comments to edited rMail messages.
  • Slightly reduced the spacing between the header and main content.

Version 1.6.46 - May 2007

  • Rewrote the main menu in PHP.  Should be significantly faster (depending upon general server performance) and place the server under less load.


  • Changed "Generated within x seconds." to "<xs" for screens less than 800 wide or browsers with javascript off (the new PHP main menu has slightly different wording due to it's native higher timing resolution).
  • Fixed a group-check problem when editing messages without changing the posters name.  Also improved the way the error was handled (no longer lose the post).
  • Fixed an issue where any game category with a forward slash in it couldn't be browsed on the main menu (victimised "Pokemon/Digimon").
  • Fixed erroneous group Z error messages when a GM was updating user groups.
  • Fixed an error with users not being able to page through private threads.
  • Fixed ownership problems with characters (mainly those starting with non-alphanumeric characters).
  • Fixed a display issue with the number of games that a user could create (did not effect how many they actually could).
  • Further optimised table structures.
  • Fixed massive "generated within" time when a player viewed the cast list.
  • Fixed the default background colour of the dark blue colour scheme to a dark colour (rather than white).
  • Fixed the text of some boxes with the contrast scheme.
  • Minor other scheme CSS tweaking.
  • Fixed problem where list elements wouldn't show the parent (i.e. enveloping) font styling.
  • Removed unnecessary alternate characters when viewing a character sheet.
  • Fixed a problem where only one thread would be listed if others were created (or posted to) at the exact same time.
  • Fixed a problem where messages wouldn't show access and bio details if they were edited and the poster was changed.
  • Stopped games with no alphanumerical characters being listed first.
  • Fixed an incorrect message being sent when people requested their passwords.

Version 1.5.46 - May 2007

  • Optimised a mySQL query on the main menu.
  • Optimised (or converted to join statements) several rMail sub-queries.
  • Fixed a problem where a user with a character name that was only digits could not post as that character.
  • Fixed incorrect beta site link.
  • Fixed an incorrect link to the game acronyms when creating a game.
  • Removed the last GM page that returned a list of all 40,000+ users.
  • Fixed a page that did not allow the game owner to edit other GMs.
  • Fixed problem where GMs weren't being shown some (or a lot of) private threads.
  • Removed the post limit warning for users in forums.
  • Allowed a greater range of characters in biographies (almost all normal characters).
  • The compose warning message now only comes up if you've changed the text and there is some text.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Co-GMs from resurrecting games.
  • Stopped an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a large security flaw in rMail.
  • Fixed a display issue in the rPolls where previous poll results would show voting options from previous polls.
  • Fixed problem with user passwords being blanked when their accounts were modified by moderators.

Version 1.5.45 - May 2007

  • Upgraded the (single) user database to a mySQL table.
  • Upgraded the (one per user) 'sticky list' database to a single mySQL table.
  • Completely redone cookie routines, far far less cookies stored, hopefully reducing the suddenly-not-logged-in problems.
  • Implemented RSS/RDF/Atom Feeds.


    Fixed numerous errors caused by the 1.4.44 implementation:
    • Fixed the 'posting_as' posting problem.
    • Fixed private text not being coloured in some browsers.
    • Fixed problem sending private messages to people with apostrophes in their name.
    • Fixed inability for users' to edit their character sheets when marked as editable.
    • Fixed contrast colour scheme.
    • Fixed truncation of sender's name in private messages.
    • Removed unnecessary vertical and horizontal scrollbars in the sticky list.
    • Fixed errors with GMs deleting private threads.
    • Fixed problem where a game category wouldn't be shown on the main menu.
    • Fixed colouring in private text and the loss of bold when quoting.
  • Made all the <table>, <tr/h/d> commands case insensitive.  Forced display to lowercase for valid XHTML.
  • Added 'minus' symbol to deleted games that a person used to GM.
  • Fixed SQL query error when trying to resurrect a game with no posts.
  • Separated the general CSS into simple and advance files for old and new browsers.
  • Allowed enters between table commands and displayed the intentional new lines inside table cells.
  • Intelligent 'Go back' button.  Works with browsers that do and do not support javascript.
  • Nicer, cleaner warning and error messages.  Sometimes.
  • Fixed the link to 'View character description' when the GM updates a description.
  • Removed the 'number of games created in the last 7 days' line from the RPoL information screen as linux doesn't actually store a file creation date.
  • Allowed ' /' at the end of img links (ala XHTML format).
  • Permitted the use of <hr> (and <hr />) in messages for horizontal lines.
  • Allowed more complex linking (url and images) and better security checking thereof.  Also reduced the instances of double linking (a link inside a link).
  • Allowed more ISO codes, such as ½ (&frac12;).  Allowed uppercase in ISO codes.
  • Removed 'show all' option from the main menu, it resulted in far too large a page.
  • Similarly, removed 'all' option from threads with too many posts (over 1,000).
  • Included a reminder for GMs (or for players to get their GMs) to create a new thread when the posts count is above 950 (there is no hard limit, just a reminder).
  • New & cleaner message icons.
  • Forums can no longer advertise for new players, the flag bit used for advertising forums (see next point).
  • Advertising forums can only be posted in by the owner of a game and links to that game.  Thread replies made within a week do not update the "last comment" date.
  • The "Wanted - Players" forum is now an "advertising forum".
  • The game flag for advertising for new players cannot be turned on unless there is a game introduction and one game thread.
  • Added a "GM Locked" option to games which indicates that a game will never be transferred to another RPoL user by a moderator (though the game owner can still opt to).
  • Games are now considered inactive after 61 days of no posts (61 being (normally) closer to two months than the old 60 days).
  • Standardised page numbering and modified the layout.
  • Fixed routine that was supposed to display page specific help for the GM menus so it now does.
  • Stopped email addresses in subjects being hyperlinks to the email address.
  • Fixed dice roller so that 'on behalf of' rolls are now shown for the character they were done on behalf of.
  • Expanded the dice roller functionality to allow multiple rolls (eg "1d6,1d4" (not multiples of a roll)).
  • The GM can now configure the dice roller to have dice and options preset and preselected.
  • The dice roller can now record individual rolls, max of 20 die.
  • Added the Earthdawn system to the dice roller.
  • Added Deadlands & Deck of Cards to the dice roller.
  • Added Shadowrun 4th Edition to the dice roller.
  • Added Spookyengine to the dice roller.
  • Added and refined the Storyteller/White Wolf/World of Darkness dice roller options for all (most) systems and versions.
  • Added the Artesia system to the dice roller.
  • Fixed a problem when selecting "unique rolls" as well as "reroll ones".
  • Changed the dice roller so it doesn't use any square brackets (it caused problems when copying and pasting into private lines).
  • Added 'Unique Die' for rolls so people can ensure that the same number is not rolled twice for a set of die.
  • Fixed the hackmaster penetration system on the dice roller.
  • Added four nWoD (White Wolf 4th generation) rolling systems to the dice roller.
  • Improved blank line suppression from removal of private lines.
  • Reduced the instances of the [quote] link when it either shouldn't or couldn't be used.
  • Added a 'Mature Content' flag.  Migrated the "Adult" genre to a flag.
  • Changed the signup process so people can now select their password rather than being generated one they forget.
  • When signing up for the first time RPoL will display a preliminary welcome screen with quick-link to the login screen until they verify their account.
  • Users are emailed their password whenever they change it.
  • Added an extra warning to the login screen regarding allowing mail from rpol.net.
  • Added an extra check to the signup process so people couldn't create user names with double spaces.
  • (Hopefully) slightly clearer profile information screen for user information.
  • Changed the default colour scheme (for visitors and new users) to white as that's the most popular scheme.
  • 'Login' quick link now returns to you the page you were last on.
  • There is no longer a 'Thread Closed' hyperlink (in closed threads) that sends you back to the game/forum menu, just the inactive text.
  • Fixed double processing of some ampersand codes.
  • Gave more control to moderators.
  • Permitted the renaming of games and changing of the game owner at the same time.
  • Fixed bug where game names containing "& " (trailing space intended) were not allowed.
  • Fixed bug where viewing the character information wouldn't display the 'not available' image when the image server wasn't.
  • Fixed the redirection routine that could lose some passed information (namely after an ampersand).
  • Added warning message when a user goes to leave a page with a composed message.  IE4+ and Firefox only (afaik).
  • Moderators (only) can now search for the text within threads (in a forum).
  • Fixed some security flaws (too restrictive and too loose) in the GM module.
  • GMs can now permanently delete player deleted messages.
  • After posting a message the redirection now pauses for two seconds, allowing further destinations to be selected.
  • Merged the GMs map upload script into the main game admin script rather than it's own separate one.
  • Expanded game searches so that a GM Alias can be searched for.
  • Fixed per forum banning so it actually works.
  • Changing from fixed to variable width in character sheets changes the onscreen editing layout (requires javascript support).
  • Improved composition of messages.  Bold et al will now alter the selected text if there is some, or insert at the current cursor if there is none.  (Limited browser support.)
  • Fixed access requests with long game names; automatically truncate subjects over 60 characters.
  • Updated the cookies so they are www sub-domain independent.  i.e. browsing www.rpol.net and rpol.net both sets cookies for 'rpol.net'.
  • Added the xxx.my.rpol.net wildcard domain to still allow one unique cookie per domain for those who share computers and used to use "rpol.net" and "www.rpol.net" with separate logins.  Bob and Jane can now still share using "bob.my.rpol.net" and "jane.my.rpol.net" (or whatever they like).
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the user to list all the threads in a game (though they still could not view them).
  • A warning is displayed if a character sheet is submitted (by either uploading or editing) that contains tabs.
  • Increased the map size allowance to 100kb (from 30kb).  Estimated an increase in traffic of 10GB a month.
  • Added check for the portraits server to the "Miscellaneous RPoL Information" screen under FAQs.
  • Added 'Mark all as Read' link for forums to set all thread indicators for the forum as read.
  • Added column and individual cell alignment for tables in messages.
  • Fixed the large security flaw that would allow anyone to update any character description.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when updating the portraits.
  • 'Refined' the colour schemes and 'improved' the message layout.
  • Moderators and admins can now create forums (rather than having to create a game and then mess around with files).
  • Added <small> and <centre> (or <center>) code for formatting text.
  • Added new font styles; <Serif>, <Mono> and <Cursive>.
  • Completely redone rPoll, now supports sub-polls and error checking.
  • Added 'Bump' checkbox to the edit message screen for GMs and Moderators so they can automatically update the thread on editing.
  • Expanded the thread management utilities.  GMs and Forum Moderators can now merge threads and delete messages en masse.
  • Added more warnings as to what the "Clear the game new message indicators" under "Your Game & Forum Sticky List" does.
  • Better 'Spaminator' e-mail address detection (and thus protection).
  • Fixed a coding oversight that would allow any GM to delete a game.
  • More error checking and retrying on game creation.
  • Creating a new account now automatically looks up the mail servers for the domain and checks that the email address is valid and active.
  • Password retrieval requests now include the IP address of who requested it (unless it's a moderator or admin, in which case it will state that instead).
  • Improved profanity checker for game names.  No longer falsely detect profanities in phrases like "Star Wars Emperor" or "It's Progress".
  • Increased the maximum allowed number of consecutive alphabetical characters in a message to 60.
  • Post count on a message is now inclusive of the post you've just made.
  • Implemented a message size limit due to previous instances of message sabotage.  51,200 bytes (characters).
  • Stopped public/archive threads being editable by anyone but the GM.
  • Game introduction can now display images and hand coded hyperlinks, like a GM normally can with in-game messages.
  • Added a button (javascript) to increase the size of the message body on the composition screen.  (No, there isn't a global option available.)
  • Better group membership detection on message replies so you don't get drop-down choices of one character.
  • Improved (X)HTML layout to improve rankings in (most) search engines.
  • Fixed detection of linked images in messages; namely accidental complete removal and, more importantly, permitting extra code.
  • Fixed a problem with private threads that have being removed off a users list not reappearing when someone replies.
  • Allowed game searches of 3 or more characters (rather than 4) considering 4 was the minimum so that game systems couldn't be searched for but the game acronym list was just modified to 4 characters to get around this.
  • New, dynamic, game limit algorithm.  Automatically allows established users more games.
  • Faster dice rolling results.
  • Added audible alert to the stickylist.
  • Fixed some spelling errors, made some more.  Drank some coffee.
  • Improved the new-column rendering on the main menu, less lop-sided lists.
  • Increase in game groups from 10 to 16.  0 to 9, A to E plus group Z, which replaces the old group 9.
  • Changed the layout of the help screens to a much larger and much more user-friendly setup.  Includes searching.
  • Added dedicated FAQ section (layout the same as the new help pages).
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of ampersand codes.
  • Games are now listed against the users RPoL user name, not their GM alias.
  • Increased the maximum length for fake (fudged) dice rolls from 40 to 100 characters.
  • Migrated the message composing error text to a more visible location.  It now lists all errors, not just the first.
  • Added alphabetical sorting to more lists.
  • Players are now told when a character sheet is not editable rather than it being implied by the a lack of an edit link.
  • Increased the message compose screen to show the last 5 messages (increased from 3), as per the rPoll results.
  • Removed the entire row hyperlinking on the main menu and game menu tables.  The rows still highlight.
  • Added a hover-over tip to private messages so a user can check if it's real.
  • Expanded the download thread functionality.  Also stopped it displaying deleted posts.
  • Added "Change Group" link next to the Bump, Close/Open, D/L thread links.
  • Merged the above links into "Edit Thread".
  • Changed the "« Previous" and "Next »" links to "« Newer" and "Older »".
  • A GM viewing profiles no longer has lurkers or banned users listed.
  • Changed the Preview tickbox to a preview button, one less option to configure and tickbox to alter.  Alt-P (still) activates the button (on the browsers that support it).
  • Fixed Post (Alt-S) and Preview (Alt-P) hotkeys for Firefox.  (Also note; I believe Firefox 2 changes the keys to Alt-Shift + Key.)
  • Gave moderators the ability to move threads between forums.
  • Allowed GMs of Discussion Boards to update their game details without invalidating the "Discussion" label.
  • Fixed/added support for "private notes" (in character sheets) that span more than one line.
  • Fixed inconsistent length calculations due to different browsers counting enters as one or two characters (standardised to two).

Version 1.4.45 - Hotfix

  • Redesigned the message parsing functions.  Messages are now verified, with all valid code recognised and rendered, much faster.
    Approximate speed increases include:
    • 400% faster for plain, small messages.
    • 560% faster for large, poorly closed messages.
    • 620% faster for large, complicated messages.
    • 895% faster for 'typical' messages.
    • 835% faster for large messages.

Version 1.4.44 - January 2004

  • Fixed problem with forum moderator access accidentally being written back to the database.
  • Fixed long standing bug that would allow users to impersonate system messages.
  • Added dotted line above the edited/deleted system messages.
  • When updating a message (editing), it now checks the message is ok before previewing (like composing a new message does).
  • Fixed CSS 'error' that was causing rendering problems in Opera 7.x.
  • Used CSS hiding tricks to stop older browsers loading the advanced layout section in the CSS.
  • Sped up the HTML/RuBB/UBBC detection and conversion by approximately 10 fold.
  • Fixed problem with angle brackets in the subject of message previews, plus on other informational screens.
  • Fixed problems when banning or making an existing user a lurker.
  • Original posters of a thread can now see their thread when it's been deleted.
  • Fixed problem with users being able to undelete moderator/GM deleted posts.  Déjà Vu.
  • Fixed problem with ScratchPad scheduling a reoccurring character count once per second for every key press.
  • Added hover-over animation on form buttons for newer browsers.
  • Archived threads can now be un-archived via the 'Open' link.
  • Fixed typographical error in the dice roller & game admin script.
  • Fudged (faked) rolls are now space or comma separated.
  • Fixed banned & lurker users coming up in the multiple recipients pop-up window for private lines.
  • Fixed incorrect counting of abandoned games in Miscellaneous RPoL information.
  • Added thread search facility to forums.
  • Fixed potential problem where the cached version of an updated private thread could be displayed instead of the new version.
  • Added private thread corruption checking and better DB locking & flushing.
  • Last few (three) messages are now displayed for users replying to requests to join to a game.
  • Added HackMaster Penetration (n-1) to the dice roller.
  • Fixed some black-on-black text in the contract colour scheme.
  • Sorted the list of characters in the "Insert a private line to:" drop-down list.
  • Added character details link to the game information screens.
  • Added limited 'html' tables via the <table> command.
  • Bumping a thread no longer removes the notice flag.
  • Improved the layout of numerous forms.
  • Removed the vertical scroll bar from IE (unless needed); more screen real estate!
  • New accounts now have all the forums automatically added to their sticky list.
  • Started correcting and optimising the HTML code for transition to XHTML.
  • Changed the next and previous page links and made it number ascending, not descending.
  • In the 'Private to' section, clicking on character name now checks the box.
  • Removed banned and lurkers coming up as valid character selections in the dice roller.
  • Stopped the ability to post as a name consisting entirely of spaces.
  • The dice roller now only lists GM personas with player access under 'On Behalf of'.
  • Hid more CSS layout parameters from older browsers; greatly improves layout in Netscape 4.x.
  • Fixed error where end users wouldn't see the admin/moderator comments added to deleted messages.
  • Improved resumption of last page on moderators changing 'mode'.
  • Sticky list now displays how long it has been since it's last refresh.
  • Improved the reliability of the sticky list and the 'you are' location message now updates every minute.
  • The game search function now has a link for resurrecting deleted games for the game owner.
  • Improved the rendering of ampersand ('&') in messages for more valid (X)HTML.
  • Fixed various errors when moving characters around.
  • Updated small areas of the Help files.  Some areas still need updating, but these have been left due to the nearing GM menu revamp.

Version 1.4.43 - October 2003

  • Fixed problem with moderator's changing their access modes.
  • Moved the moderator chat out of 'Heaven' into a private game to stop the phantom new message indicator for everyone else.
  • Added page generation times to some pages to give me (and other people) an idea of how quickly the web server was responding.
  • Expanded the banning routines.
  • Added a multiple account warning to the account creation page.
  • Added acceptance of ToU checkbox to the account creation page.
  • Less ambiguous password generation (skips 1, i, l, g, 9, o, O, 0, 5, S etc)
  • Fixed problem with display of visitor names under the 'last comment by' field.
  • Fixed 'last comment by' not being updated when the last message in a thread was deleted.
  • Fixed updating of character sheets corrupting the last line.
  • Fixed incorrect message being displayed when there was a blank game intro.
  • Obfuscated the last login date for PCs under a GM's control so it does not exactly match the GM's.
  • Better URL linking control, also allows more linking characters when referencing rpol.net so games can be directly linked.
  • Fixed grammatical errors with the login screen.
  • Changed 'Preferences & User Details' to 'User Preferences'.
  • Added ScratchPad for players in games.  Completely private.
  • Reduced the font size by 1 pixel for the navbar text so all the text would fit.
  • Added 'Fudge the rolls' dice roller option for GM's.  GM's can now 'openly' deceive on one or more rolls.
  • Inactive games now remain on a user's sticky list.  After all; it's their choice if they want to keep it there.
  • Lurkers!  Added 'lurker' status to games, and a control screen for lurkers (and banned users).
  • Fixed some potential problems with db closing and the flushing (writing) of updates.
  • Made current group selected when editing the first message in an archived thread, and kept it archived once updated.
  • A bumped message no longer comes up as unread for the bumper.
  • Got rid off excessive tables and controlled some of the page layout with CSS instead.
  • Displaying a thread now has page links to the bottom of the screen as well as the top.
  • Added links to view the character sheet/description when a GM edits/uploads them.
  • Fixed several problems with renaming games & forums; couldn't change name and classification at the same time, plus bad informational text.
  • Removed ugly borders in drop-down lists that appeared in some browsers.
  • Added search functionality to most GM screens to make adding new players a much less painful experience.
  • Removed the 'List all users' options when adding players/characters as the list of the thousands of users is just too long.
  • Enhanced and streamlined the javascript code for the sticky list.
  • Better handling and rendering of lists, plus added [olist][/olist] for ordered (numbered) lists.
  • Added 'quote' link to messages which opens a reply and quotes the relevant text.
  • Tweaked the layout of quoting, fixed quoting of quotes and trimmed excessive enters within quotes.
  • Added sup, sub and tt links to the compose screen (for super & subscript plus teletype text).
  • Deleted messages are now still (partially) shown, displaying who posted the message and why it was deleted.
  • Updated the 'Mailing the Admin' screen to clarify that portraits are not sent to admin, and fixed a spelling error.
  • Fixed the editing of forum messages for moderators that could stop some being edited, or an incorrect reason being displayed.
  • Added forum moderators.

Version 1.4.42 - 2003

  • Fixed continuity with the user/character profile screens.
  • Fixed problem where visitors (people not logged in) didn't get displayed page options for threads.
  • Tweaked layout of the user description screen.
  • Tweaked layout of the profile screen for GM's and users with more than one character.
  • Made tiny change to compose screen.
  • Added Alt-P (to turn preview on/off) hot-key to the compose screen, accompanies Alt-S for Submitting.
  • Added underlining for 'p' in 'Preview' and 's' in 'Post Message' and 'Update Message' to make the hot-keys more obvious.
  • Removed the 's' underlining due to non-HTML 4 compliant browsers.
  • Fixed problem where a user could undelete a message deleted by a moderator.
  • Added some more error checking to the admin modules.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the game GM/owner would set the primary GM, but lose the owner ID.
  • Fixed a bug where private threads would include who the last comment was by in the 'To' field when viewing the messages.
  • Changed 'Only Show Games Seeking Players' to 'Only Show Active Games Seeking Players'.

Version 1.4.41 - July 2003

  • Fixed delay post timer for various browsers (Opera cannot display the countdown text as it does not support 'dynamic reflow').
  • Setting a delay now deactivates the 'Post Message' button, to avoid confusion.
  • Updated (some of) the help files.  I love doing that.
  • Fixed minor sticky list display problem with some characters.
  • Sticky list now detects and warns you if you're composing a message.
  • Made the 'Private to' checkboxes and text smaller (in most browsers).
  • Made the checkboxes on the private thread screen smaller (in most browsers).
  • Fixed character sheets being set back to fixed font and non-user editable when edited from the user profile screen.
  • Made the edit sheet functionality from the profile screen match the GM menu one for GM's.
  • Recoded most of the dice roller and improved the system rolling functionality, adding around ten systems.
  • Added 'latest comment by' to the thread listing.
  • 'Improved' the compose message screen.
  • Found a workaround for Opera's lack of dynamic reflow support, 'dynamic' text should now work.
  • Added preview on/off option for users.
  • Tidied up the user preferences screen.
  • Fixed security hole in changing user preferences.
  • Fixed the counting of numerous recipients in private messages (was one less).

Version 1.4.40 - July 2003

  • Added spoiler/hidden text via 'spoiler' or 'hidden' RuBB/UBB Code (done via [spoiler <source>] text [/spoiler]).
  • Fixed message corruption caused by the new 'last edited' code.
  • Reduced/tidied up some HTML.
  • Preview now shows a bit more information about the post.
  • Make sure GMs could not accidentally post a private message as a notice (which are mutually exclusive).
  • Expanded active hyperlinks to occupy entire table cell.  Added row highlighting.
  • Removed hyperlink cell expansion CSS due to bad browser rendering, made entire row active via javascript instead.
  • Reduced the contrast in colour for the highlighted/hovered table row.
  • Added status bar indicator for row hover-over.
  • Gave users the ability to remove all forums (excluding general) from the main menu.
  • Added 'delay post' function for GM's.

Version 1.4.39 - 2003

  • Added download functionality to the en mass character sheet uploading screen.
  • Changed the 'Drop lowest' number field to a selection of drop or keep the highest or lowest.
  • Added three more of Cruinne's zany colour schemes; reduced (colours), (high) contrast and pastel!
  • 'This message was' and other such 'system' messages come up in a different colour.
  • 'This message was last edited by' text changed and tweaked, depending upon how much the message was modified.

Version 1.4.38 - 2003

  • Fixed problem with carrots ('^') in message subjects.
  • Fixed bug with valid access detection.
  • Fixed player deletion bug caused by deleting several secondary aliases in a row.
  • Searched for and hopefully fixed any similar problems caused by modifying secondary aliases.
  • Added Remember (me) tick box to login screens (on by default) so users can opt to have temporary cookies only.
  • Added en masse character sheet uploading capability to the admin screens.
  • Changed the 'drop' tick box to a numeric field for the dice roller; you can now drop more than the very lowest die.

Version 1.4.37 - 2003

  • Fixed a few small bugs created with the change of game tracking from name to id.
  • Private thread listing now displays 'Numerous recipients' when the thread is addressed to more than 5.
  • Fixed error where games with single quotes in their name or GM could cause SQL query errors.
  • Added a search game routine and added the link to the main menu.
  • Added more options to the game search routine.
  • Owners of a game now longer have the minus link available to remove their game(s) from their sticky list.
  • Fixed problem with the plus ('+') character being replaced with a space in a message subject.
  • Fixed a problem with transferring game ownership when moving the primary GM/game owner to another player.
  • User editable character sheets and GM's private notes are no longer mutually exclusive.
  • 'Last edited by' tag added to character sheets.
  • Changed random number generation for the dice roller.

Version 1.4.36 - 2003

  • Moved game list database to mySQL.  Benefits include;
    • Games are now recorded via a unique ID
    • Games are now tracked via their unique ID
    • Games can be renamed without them disappearing off sticky lists.
    • Game creation is much faster, and puts the server under a lot less stress.
    • Game names can now have a greater range of characters.  (All bar <>"%+ and & (unless it's proceeding a space)).


  • Fixed error where the 'edited' footnote might italicise more text than it should.
  • Fixed error where a game could not be resurrected.
  • Added a second type for the add new user/character functions, where it only shows those users who have requested to join.
  • Fixed a typo on the main menu, that nobody ever noticed.  Apparently.
  • Moderators now include a reason for deletion when they delete a users post.
  • Clearing new game indicators (aka 'Sticky List') now optimises the users game db as it goes.
  • Removed the nick lock on chat, considering people could connect via other means anyway.
  • Fixed problem where using the wizard to add a new user wouldn't migrate private threads.
  • Added 'Historical Fantasy' game category.

Version 1.3.36 - 2003

  • Finished the 'Delete Character' routine.
  • Fixed problem where changing any characters access would effect the users access.
  • Fixed problem where you could add a new character to the primary GM, and give it lower access.
  • Further fixing of the permanent private message indicator.
  • Info screens now show the 'welcome' help screen rather than character information.
  • Fixed a security problem where users could reply to a closed thread via some URL editing.
  • Fixed problem where deleting the GM character of a user wouldn't set their access to the next characters access.
  • Made "Move (Existing)" GM function for characters show the small user list.

Version 1.3.35 - 2003

  • Added bottom 'navbar' to several screens - the 'Post a Reply' link is now at the very bottom right.
  • Redid the GM menu layout and functions, segregating it a bit better.
  • Amended ToU.
  • Added ToU link to the bottom of the 'Preferences & User Details' screen.
  • Further fixing of permanent 'Private Message' bug.
  • Fixed problem with die roller where the manual entry would sometimes be lost.
  • Reduced incidences where a deleted game would appear back on the main menu w/o a GM or category if someone posted to the game after it was removed.
  • Stopped the GM module from displaying game links after a game had been removed.
  • Fixed error message caused when purging a private message when a character name had been changed.
  • Added 'Creating a Game' walk through.
  • Smoothed over the game resurrection process, added link to creating a game walk through.
  • Moderators are now warned when they're posting as one (to reduce the likelihood of accidentally posting as one).
  • Made changing modes for moderators even easier.
  • Fixed the plus image (on the main menu for adding a game to your sticky list) for the dark schemes (that nobody ever mentioned).
  • Changed the Public/Private Messagebase links to Public/Private Messages, and added Private Messages links to more screens.
  • Tidied up some HTML code.

Version 1.3.34 - 2003

  • Improved moderation functions, there is no longer a need for multiple logins.
  • Added highlighting of moderator and admin posts.
  • Fixed problem with lists in lists, also removed excessive line feeds at the beginning of lists.
  • Tweaked the highlighting of posts.
  • Fixed problem where some browsers would truncate a subject of maximum length when replying added 'Re: '.
  • Sticky list no longer forces every forum to be displayed, just the ones you read.
  • Improved ease of moderator functions.
  • Changed the way multi-page threads are displayed, decreasing url link sizes & accuracy if replies are added while reading.
  • Image links can now have align="right" or align="left" in them, the quotes are optional.

Version 1.3.33 - March 2003

  • Re-allowed vertical tabs in messages, use them at your own peril.
  • Fixed problem where the last space would be ignored when using the teletype [tt] & [/tt] code.
  • Added 'success', 'warning' and 'error' titles to (most) the GM result screens.
  • Added the ability to quote (most) RPoL/UBBC code without the system acting on it (via [code] & [/code])
  • Dice roller now requires you to select who you're rolling for, like posting a message.
  • Dice roller now remembers who you last rolled as.
  • Admins can now roll for their own characters like normal, and 'on behalf of' ever character (including their own).
  • Changed 'version' screen to use the same formatting as a message post.
  • Changed and re-added the window focus when selecting a game from your sticky list.

Version 1.3.32 - March 2003

  • Fixed problem with the long line detection including the HTML/UBB code.
  • Fixed problem with the jump with games with a single quote in the name.
  • Fixed problem with nested colours.
  • Fixed problem when deleting the last message in the most recently started thread.
  • Fixed problem with &lt; and &gt; being interpreted as < and >.
  • Fixed error with 1 page too many showing with games with number of threads exactly a multiple of the threads per page.
  • Post routine now tries to tell you what the 'illegal low ASCII character' is.
  • Allowed the hash (#) symbol in auto-linking.
  • Removed the [edit] and [delete] buttons for private messages that accidentally were added in.
  • Fixed long line detection being too greedy and counting the length of all the text between the first and last pre.
  • Added 'Notice' functionality for GM's and moderators.
  • Fixed bug (GM menu, RPoLL) in listing usernames where certain characters were used.
  • Fixed bug where a notice would be considered unread.
  • Fixed bug where messages after a notice would be considered unread.
  • Changed some erroneous code with message read handling for private and public threads.
  • Fixed error where a the auto-html linking would grab part of the 'edit by' footnote.
  • Added option to the cleanup thread function to preserve notices.
  • Fixed typographical error in the dice roller.
  • Modified main page layout for the game admin module.
  • Special override themes (e.g. Christmas) are now light or dark depending up the users normal setting.
  • Added 'Offsite Gaming' and (further) customised the sort routine to have it last on the list.

Version 1.3.31 - 2003

  • Fixed some obscure character renaming problems.
  • Fixed some result and error messages which were getting truncated.
  • Fixed errors with the auto [table] code not closing tables (just opening more).
  • Added 'Arena', 'Comedy' and 'Historical' game classifications.  Changed the selection list to be sorted.
  • Finally fixed orphaning of characters!  (I hope)  (Thanks Joaquim!)
  • Dropped year display on the thread listing for dates that are in the same year.
  • Fixed problems with some private lines addressed to names containing brackets.
  • Better handling of HTML & codes when reediting a message.
  • Moved the message [edit] and [delete] links to the right of the subject (to conserve space).
  • Private threads are now separated into pages just like public threads.
  • Added WEG system to the dice roller, added a target # option where 1's aren't failures.
  • Changed the layout of the dice roller, added javascript to the select boxes to ensure mutually exclusive options weren't checked.
  • Partial 'Universal Bulletin Board Code' (UBBC) support.  e.g. [b][/b] for bold.
  • Each message is now analysed as one long line rather than per line which allows much better HTML code handling, including;
    - Private lines in public messages can now span more than one line, and are still closed by the first ']' (excluding UBBC).
    - Similarly the GM 'Private Notes' can go over more than one line.
    - These private lines/notes can even contain tables
    - All open HTML code must now have the appropriate close elsewhere otherwise it won't activate.
    - All HTML code must have something in between the open and close.
  • Updated the help.

Version 1.3.30 - 2003

  • Added the GM link for downloading a private thread.
  • Added GM function to change the primary alias for a player and totally resort a players characters.
  • GM 'add link' module now silently strips empty (and bare 'http://') links.
  • More error checking when posting messages, might detect when truncation is going to occur.
  • Fixed error that stopped moderators posting private messages and tweaked the display of such messages.
  • Fixed layout of visitor names (with more than one word or non-alphanumeric) in access requests.
  • Decided to name the board program RPoL uses and christened it 'RuBB' -- RolePlay Unlimited Bulletin Board.  Whee...

Version 1.3.29 - 2003

  • Multiple enter suppression (8 or more are condensed to 3).
  • Message submission checks for fifty or more consecutive alphanumeric characters to reduce off-the-screen scrolling.
  • Improved message submission error handling.
  • Moved more javascript to the include file, reducing the compose message text.
  • Game sorting routine now ignores non-alphanumeric leading characters.
  • Added removal option to delete all die rolls (it's at the very bottom).
  • Slightly modified the private message thread layout.
  • Added 'Private Note:' for GM only viewable notes in character sheets.  Mutually exclusive with 'user editable'.
  • Improved the character sheet and description editing routines.

Version 1.3.28 - January 2003

  • Changed the random number seed for the dice roller.
  • Fixed bug where a closed thread wouldn't have 'Open' available, but still had 'Close'.
  • Changed "Game Intro" link back to "Game Info" (was changed in 1.3.16).
  • Put numbered page links on the portrait selection screen so you can jump to a page.
  • Quoting added!
  • 'Only Show Games Seeking Players' filter added to the main menu.
  • Fixed a small problem with the layout of the profile page (name was out of alignment).
  • Changed character profile screen layout (page is longer but there's more width for the character sheet).
  • Added HTML linking for urls.

Version 1.3.27 - December 2002

  • Improved the sticky list functionality and added a link from the main menu.
  • Improved the edit screens handling of characters that might interfere with HTML (> and ")
  • Added login bar to the bottom of the navbar when people are not logged in.
  • Added javascript error handler for no portrait image.
  • Fixed paging problem with threads with multiples of 25 messages.
  • Changed cookie duration to 6 months to see if it fixed people losing cookies.
  • Fixed bug where a GM couldn't move a thread started by a PC of theirs to public.
  • Even smoother compose message error handling, more errors now seamlessly direct back to the compose screen.

Version 1.3.26 - December 2002

  • Added a sticky list popup window accessible from the 'Jump' link next to help.

Version 1.3.25 - December 2002

  • Changed the login forms to use the RPoL style sheets.
  • Lots more HTML output optimising (less white space etc).
  • Changed the mail admin link on the main menu to go to another screen giving mailing guidelines and hints.
  • Fixed some grammar with the login screen.
  • Added 'Game Menu' (or 'Forum Menu') link next to the main menu link for games as a constant spot to get back to the front game page.
  • Added 'Frequently Requested Features' to the FAQ page.
  • Added more guidelines for image submission.

Version 1.3.24 - November 2002

  • Fixed tiny problem with the general CSS.
  • Corrected piece of HTML code
  • Updated the dice roller to handle Shadowrun style and WoD Specialised skill target rolls.
  • Games can no longer be renamed to have leading spaces.
  • When renaming games, trailing and double spaces are now silently removed.
  • Added plus and minus symbols to the front page for easy removal and addition of games to your sticky list.
  • Optimised the front page HTML output to try and reduce the size.
  • Change the white scheme to a very bright one (that is a lot less blue).
  • Added an area for GM's to add links to files (on other sites), edited via the GM menu, viewed by the game information screens.

Version 1.3.23 - November 2002

  • Fixed bug when posting as an NPC in more than one group.
  • Moved more colours to the Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Added Cruinne's two colour schemes (dark purple and dark brown).

Version 1.3.22 - 2002

  • Improved the Spaminator's email detection and stopped some non-valid email addresses being 'protected'.
  • GM's now cannot pass the game on to another user until 7 days after creation.
  • Fixed case sensitivity with CSS's in some browsers.
  • Fixed problem where a preview message that was immediately rejected would show all private text in the last three messages.
  • Fixed problem where a preview message that was immediately rejected would show the rejection reason inside the first re-shown message.
  • Changed the code to use more CSS around the place.
  • Added three more colour schemes, light blue, green and red, though light blue is really a copy of white.
  • Fixed problem where editing a message would change the post date to the edit date.
  • Updated several of the help files, fixed quite a few spelling errors as well.
  • Changed the default scheme to light blue, as the white scheme will eventually be changed.

Version 1.3.21 - October 2002

  • Implemented the RPoL Spaminator.  Most email addresses should be protected so web bots can't automatically find addresses.
  • Added another category to complement the forums; Discussion Groups.  These are not forced onto your sticky list.
  • Rewrote some scripts.

Version 1.3.20 - October 2002

  • Portrait list is no longer hard coded.
  • Added functionality for moderators and helpers to edit the news, links, FAQs, help files and the portraits.
  • Removed the ability for moderators to modify another moderators (or the admins!) access.
  • Fixed problem where you sometimes wouldn't get placed back in the compose screen when forgetting to select a character.
  • GM's can now permanently delete a message that has been tagged for deletion by a player.
  • Fixed the rather large problem of users not being able to post a request for access message.
  • Added administrator/moderator function to remove inactive games.
  • Added administrator/moderator function to delete the files left from removed games (cleaning up and preventing resurrection).

Version 1.3.19 - October 2002

  • Fixed problem where GM's couldn't reply to a request for access.
  • Removed a debugging exit statement in the message script, re-editing from a preview works again.
  • Deleted messages now have a tag denoting who they were deleted by.
  • Players cannot undelete messages that have been deleted by moderators, GMs or admins.
  • Archiving a thread now stops further posts.
  • Fixed two scripts that wouldn't detect PNG game maps.

Version 1.3.18 - October 2002

  • Fixed problem with the portrait selector where a next option wouldn't appear when there was (should have been) another page with a single portrait.
  • When a player has the choice of more than one character to post as, the compose screen now defaults no none.
  • Centralised a lot of the behind-the-scenes variables and functions.
  • Added the poll and some links to it.
  • RPoL Login now checks your cookie has been set, and set correctly.
  • Login assistance screen now has a cookie test function.
  • Fixed problem with a start and end pre being on the same line.
  • Leading, trailing and double spaces are now silently removed from character names when creating a character.
  • Improved the game admin module while I was messing around with the above.
  • Simplified the game creation process, reducing the screens to one.  Prettied up the screens too.
  • Added Kabin The Dwarf's PbW to RPoL conversion guide to the FAQs.
  • Replaced all (historical) references to 'View / Change your details' to 'Preferences & User Details' (in some FAQs and some code).
  • Replaced some code throughout the site to increase reliability and security.
  • RPoL moderators can now edit and delete posts in forums.
  • Can no longer reply to a private message after deselecting all the recipients.
  • You can now undelete messages you composed (and presumably deleted).
  • PNGs are now accepted as a valid map format.
  • Map size increased to 30k.

Version 1.3.17 - 2002

  • Images posted by the GM under an NPC now work.
  • When composing a message the cursor will zoom to the subject unless there is one, in which case it will focus on the message body (relies on javascript).
  • Added an easier way to override the 5 games per user setting.
  • Fixed problem when re-editing a private message (after a message preview) the last three messages would no longer be shown.
  • Fixed problem when re-editing a reply to a private message where you could change who you were replying as (if you had multiple personas).
  • Similarly, removed the 'other name' field when replying to a private message.
  • When re-editing a message after previewing, the preview box stays ticked.

Version 1.3.16 - 2002

  • Changed the locking routing on the thread index database to see if it will stop the truncation of said database.
  • Fixed "Bad File Descriptor" problems caused by said locking routine.
  • Update dice roller again, now has a target number for rolls for White Wolf et al games.
  • Co-GM's now get notified when a player posts a NEW private message.  Primary GM gets notified of every private message.
  • Added link to the dice roller from the character sheet screen.
  • Games & forums with more than 13 pages of threads now have hyperlinks for the first ten pages and a drop down box for the remainder.
  • Updated the style sheets so the text input boxes are consistent with the colour scheme in use.
  • Make the input boxes pretty while I was at it...
  • Added a "D/L" button for the GM for threads so they could get the thread in a simple format for personal archiving.
  • Game information screen now defaults to the game introduction rather than the list of characters.

Version 1.3.15 - 2002

  • Fixed errors caused by purging visitor access requests.
  • Fixed blank private threads being listed for the GM as a result of failed purges.
  • Updated the Help documentation, though I'm sure there's still gaps.
  • Added a 'pre' button to the compose screen for fixed width text.
  • All GM's are notified when a new private message is posted (via the new private message indicator).

Version 1.3.14 - 2002

  • Fixed what could have been a large problem with the wrong message being edited or deleted.
  • Invalid messages now throw you back to the compose screen when you select "Post Message".
  • Fixed problem when editing user profiles from within a game or forum.
  • Reduced allowable characters in character names to solve editing problems.
  • Added a "secret roll" option to the dice roller.  Only the GM's and owner can see the roll.
  • Reworded to the portrait display toggle to make it a bit less confusing.
  • The '[bottom]' link is now displayed for all threads, not just those with more than 1 page.

Version 1.3.13 - 2002

  • Visual overhaul!
  • GM's can now not only upload a map, but remove the current one!
  • Fixed problem were more than one game couldn't be cleared from the sticky list at a time.
  • GM's can set a "user editable" flag per character sheet, allowing the user the ability to edit their sheet.

Version 1.3.12 - 2002

  • Moved javascript functions off to an include file, which will reduce almost every page size by about 3k.
  • Added Players and GMs FAQs.  Updates general RPoL FAQ.
  • Fixed problem where visitors requesting access wouldn't get their 'new private message' indicator cleared.
  • Fixed similar problem when a GM replied to a private thread started by a visitor who is now a player.

Version 1.3.11 - 2002

  • Fixed rare login errors.  Encoded cookie would contain reserved characters which would cause errors.
  • Fixed "Re: " being appended to every message reply, plus improved special character (especially ") handing in subjects.
  • Primary GM cannot downgrade their game access.
  • Primary GM cannot change their main character's access.
  • Co-GM's cannot edit another GM's game access.
  • Co-GM's cannot move the primary GM account to another player.
  • Co-GM's cannot move the primary GM character to another player.
  • Co-GM's cannot edit the game name, classification or primary GM.

Version 1.3.10 - 2002

  • Portraits!  1071 of them.
  • Major revision of cookies.  Cookies now save colour scheme preference and view portrait option, which is retrieved from the users database entry whenever they login.


  • Ability to turn portrait display on or off.  They are off by default.
  • Changed "View / Change your details" to "Preferences and user details" in the hope to make it stand out more and it's functionality more obvious.
  • Link for GM's when reading a visitors access request to add them to the game.
  • Limited GM screen for editing players to 4 secondary characters to prevent horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed hyperlink problems with Opera, which doesn't like too many occurrences of height.
  • Changed button for deleting private messages to a real button rather than an image of one.
  • Viewing a private message shows who it was to and from.
  • Allowed players to post image links in games.  If the GM doesn't want players to do so then (s)he should just need to ask them not to.
  • You can now get to your RPoL profile from inside a game you play (rather than being forced to see your character profiles).  Click "View your character details" then the usual "Preferences and user details".
  • Selecting "banned" for a player now does something!  (That is, it denies them access to your game)
  • Similarly, game moderators now work.  They can edit and delete messages in a game.
  • Fixed problems with certain characters truncating the subject when replying to a message.

Version 1.2.10 - 2002

  • Added a sticky list of visited games to make it easier to find the games one plays in.
  • Tried to fix the cookie vanishing bug with several changes.
  • Added a few more game classifications; "Anime" and "Contemporary".
  • Permitted more HTML.  Links and images can be pasted, though not everything everywhere.  11 colours are allowed, the selection was limited as allowing users to select any colour could lead to problems with the colour schemes.

Version 1.2.9 - 2002

  • Fixed problem with purging private messages where the users would still have the message listed.
  • Profile pages laid out slightly better and wording changed.
  • Added an "archive" group so GM's can move old threads so one and all can read ALL content.

Version 1.2.8 - 2002

  • Fixed the large bug where when a player deleted a public message they posted, the message after it would vanish as well.
  • Fixed another large bug where moving a character from one player to another might not remove it from the old player's list.
  • Hastily added three more colour schemes; dark red, green and blue.  Despite my haste some people seemed to like them.
  • Limited the number of messages displayed per screen to 25, with options to display each 'page' and all messages.
  • "Bottom" link on messages zooms to the bottom of the page.
  • Limited the number of threads displayed per screen to 25, with options to display each 'page'.
  • Simplified the add users / edit user screen for the GM, plus clarified a few options.
  • Characters can now be in more than one group at once, however they can no longer start a new public thread in a game.
  • Newly created games display when they were created when you hover over them on the main menu, rather than the uninformative "Last post: never".
  • Games that have not had a post for two months (sixty days to be precise) will be moved to the "Inactive Games".
  • Added "Horror Fantasy" and "Pokemon/Digimon" ... hey, who am I to judge?

Version 1.2.7 - 2002

  • Fixed a posting bug where a private message couldn't be posted in a new game.
  • Fixed the sorting routine which was case sensitive.  This was making games beginning with a lower case letter to be listed last on the main menu.
  • Character sheets can now be displayed in either a true type (normal) font or fixed width for text alignment/tables.  This used to be forced to fixed width, but is now selectable by the GM for each character sheet when (s)he edits it.
  • Passwords are clarified when sent out (1, l, L, 0, o and O).
  • The login process now clearly defines what the user name is for (i.e. it's NOT a character name).
  • Fixed some HTML/CSS problems, undoubtedly made some more.
  • Fixed Netscape 4.x & 6 rendering problems, undoubtedly made some more.
  • Added three more colour schemes for the primary colours; red, green and blue.
  • Added the "Super Hero" game classification.

Version 1.2.6 - 2002

  • Implemented a help system throughout the web site.


  • Searched for all occurrences of and changed any irrelevant occurrences of "alt" with the "title" HTML tag.
  • Corrected some spelling.  There's probably more errors.  Lots.
  • Added the "Horror" game classification.
  • Started to modify all the (many) tables the site uses to try to get them to be rendered incrementally.
  • Put more control into style sheets, which should be supported by any HTLM 4.01 compatible browser.
  • Reduced the number of javascripts by one by using the style sheet instead.

Version 1.1.6

  • Fixed error that would stop people with capitals in their name not being able to edit their user profiles.

Version 1.1.5

  • A few quick fixes of problems 'implemented' in 1.1.4.
  • Fixed a problem with [table] and <pre> where the first blank line in a series wouldn't be displayed.  (Wasn't a problem with my code, seems to be a problem with <pre> and enters.)
  • Fixed some HTML output to try and make as standard as possible.
  • A GM can now 'undelete' a game they removed.
  • Corrected some miscellaneous bits here and there (as usual).

Version 1.1.4 - 2001

  • The public messagebase has had very few visual changes, but it's been improved to reduce the number of databases accessed from about 5 to 2.  This requires the DB to be updated, but this was be done automatically, and hopefully without error.  Character information per post is now static (i.e. number of posts, bio etc etc).
  • The private messagebase is now thread based, just like the public messagebase, as long as you reply to all people in a private message (if it's just to and from one person then the thread will always be extended).  This will wipe out a lot of private messages.  eg. one game in particular will go from over 200 individual messages to about 17 threads.  Please note the DB will have to be (automatically) converted for the new format, and ALL messages to/from the same people (or group of people) will be added into the one thread.  Sorry if this makes some rather large, but you don't have to keep on adding to the same thread from then on.
  • Posting a reply to a thread now displays the last three messages in that thread on the compose screen.
  • GM's can now purge a private thread, removing all traces of it, for all players (rather than just themselves).


  • The GM moving groups (especially from public) for threads doesn't mess up posting privileges to the thread.
  • Fixed various bugs and 'security' problems.
  • Joining people have to confirm their e-mail addresses to reduce the likelihood of typos, plus the address is checked for a valid format.
  • Closed threads can now be re-opened.
  • Bumped threads should no longer cause problems with the new message indicator.
  • A user deleting the last message in a thread should no longer cause an error to be displayed when the game main page is displayed (and stuff up things in general).
  • Revamped (improved?) admin menus, hopefully will be much more intuitive (this is still a work in progress).
  • Preview now works properly for <pre> and [table] (which do the same thing) HTML commands.  Specifically ending didn't work properly, though it did when the message was actually posted.
  • Preview now uses the colours specified in the users colour scheme, rather than the default black scheme.
  • After selecting a private line to post to somebody the list defaults back to nobody (the "Insert a private line to") to simplify the selection routine when trying to post two separate lines to the same person.
  • A message can now be sent by pressing Alt-S, as well as the standard "Post Message" or "Update Message" button.  Why Alt-S?  Just a habit from e-mail, hopefully everyone will find it easy to use.
  • Fixed incorrect link which would indicate RPoL's old (temporary) site, not the new (rpol.net) one.
  • Fixed problems with GM removing 'other' private messages from his/her list.
  • Lots of other visual enhancements.
  • Fixed a problem with the 'players wanted' flag.
  • Fixed a problem when posting a private message and not selecting anyone in the list.  If the message was previewed the user wouldn't be informed that hadn't selected anyone and the message would be made public.
  • Forgetful users can now find out their username by typing in their e-mail address.
  • Visitors in a game now have the 'Private Messagebase' hyperlink turn red if there's a new (private) message for them, just like normal players.

Version 1.0.4

  • Tested and implemented a white colour scheme.  Preference was eventually tracked via a cookie.
  • The number of login and screens to change details were greatly reduced, simplified, and all converted to cgi (some were static HTML)
  • Added username verification to also stop people putting a space at the start or end of their user name.

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed the routine that displays all posts in the users local time.  All post times are saved as GMT, but the post times weren't being modified by the users offset from GMT, but their offset from their local time (most people had accurate clocks so the time wasn't being modified at all, resulting in all time/dates being displayed according to GMT).

Version 1.0.2

  • Changed the routine to save cookies to try and solve cookie related problems.
  • Made user names case insensitive when changing credentials.

Version 1.0.1

  • Implemented banning after someone decided to 'prove a point' that I was already perfectly aware of and was willing to take the risk on.  To this day nobody else has exploited the system.
  • Various other fixes done over the course of several weeks which were implemented immediately.

Version 1.0.0 - 25 August 2000

  • Initial release.  No real version numbering was implemented at this stage, and various sections were unfinished, such as banning.