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Mon 1 Sep 2008
at 20:15
Trouble Getting to RPoL?
Hi all,

There is a problem with RPoL's domain which means that no URL will work at this time.  The problem can and will be resolved, but it will require jase's personal attention.  Please allow some leeway for the difference in time, since he is in western Australia.

Currently, it's possible to use to browse RPoL.

Be aware that no portraits will be displayed while browsing using because the portrait servers are set up to allow images to be displayed only from

We are aware of the problems (er, rpoblems?) and they will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience. :)

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Tue 2 Sep 2008
at 04:28
Re: Trouble Getting to RPoL?
Apologies, I had foolishly registered the domain and used my personal ISP email address as the contact details.  Alas I changed ISPs last year and so the "your domain is expiring!" warning emails were going nowhere.

I have now renewed the domain for two years and have changed the contact details to be my company email address.  I will move the domain over shortly to be managed under our business domains.

I have also booked myself a calendar reminder for two years time.  Hopefully that will cover it all.