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15:14, 25th February 2024 (GMT+0)

Update to Adult Games Policy.

Posted by Skald
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Wed 27 Sep 2023
at 06:11
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Update to Adult Games Policy

We have reviewed the RPoL policy on extended restrictions on adult access where we detect discrepancies in the month/year details provided by the user.

The old policy provided for restrictions to continue indefinitely until such time as jase implemented a robust method of checking age.

In future, where we detect age discrepancies, restrictions on adult access will be applied until the user meets the age qualification plus 5 years minimum.  This is intended to reinforce how seriously we take the granting of adult access, while still allowing a path to have the ban eventually lifted.

EG: where the user is 16 years old in a jurisdiction where it was not legal to view adult content until the age of 18, they would be subject to a minimum 7 year ban - ie 2 years underage and an additional 5 years, so they would unable to access adult content until they were 23 years old.

If you have an existing restriction on your adult access due to age discrepancies, you can now apply via rMail for the ban to be reconsidered.  Note that the following conditions apply:

  • You MUST now be at least 23 years old (ie 18 plus 5 years).
  • If you live in a jurisdiction which specifies an age higher than 18 years old to view adult materials then you must be at least that age plus 5 years.
  • The existing restriction on your access to adult games MUST be due to a detected age discrepancy. If you have been banned from Adult games FOR ANY OTHER REASON the ban will NOT be lifted.
  • If the ban was for providing incorrect details of your month/year of birth, and we have no other doubt that you were old enough at the time, then at least 5 years must have elapsed since the ban was imposed, or 10 years if you created multiple accounts in an attempt to get around the original ban.
  • You MUST have been a community member in good standing in the period since the ban was imposed - ie not had constant run-ins with other players and/or moderators in that time as we also require users in adult games to demonstrate that maturity.

Note also:

  1. We do not accept documentary evidence of any kind as proof of age. There is no way for us to determine that such documents actually belong to you and/or the images have not been modified.
  2. We understand if some people prefer not to give their real month/year of birth for privacy reasons, however providing false details will result in a minimum 5 year ban.  If you don't want to provide your actual month/year of birth, then don't ... BUT you must stick to the non-Adult games.
  3. Creating multiple accounts in an attempt to get around adult access restrictions will result in an additional 5 years ban.
  4. Donations to the crowd-funded 'send bigbadron to space (and bring him back again) appeal', while always welcome, will make no difference to any decision.
  5. As always on RPoL, the moderators' decision is final.

The new approach will be monitored closely and if there are any problems in its operation, we will revert back to the original policy of indefinite bans.
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