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08:28, 15th April 2024 (GMT+0)

NOTHING but VENTS -- Vent all You Want Without Replies.

Posted by Shannara
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 00:43
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I messed up majorly. You know it’s bad when stepping into 27 degree weather feels cool because you’ve been crying in your car for who knows how long.
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
at 06:59
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Cancer sucks. One transplant and a year ago and it all felt like it was getting better. There was a future to look forward to but I'm still not off the immuno-suppressant drugs yet and it just feels like a tunnel at the end of the tunnel. In material terms I know its getting better but it doesn't feel like it sometimes. It's so hard to get sleep at night and some mornings I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep but it doesn't work like that and the sleep never comes and I'm so tired and then body rolls some dice and decides which part of me is going to be in pain today.
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Fri 22 Jun 2018
at 22:00
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Spent three hours and change working on a delicate prop...a backup to one we have in the show, thank goodness.  As I'm going through and cleaning up some areas I'd glued broke.  It's glass.  While I can glue it to a base, I can't glue it back together.

Three hours of wasted effort...
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Sat 30 Jun 2018
at 10:15
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

My friend asked me to keep Saturday nights into Sunday monrings free for him. Cool, I haven't seen him in months. We play cards and he spends the majority of the game making dirty jokes and stalling he card game. Then gets mad because I'm not laughing. It's just not funny, it's middle school humor. We barely finish the card game, which is what I invited him to do, talking is great, but I want to DO something too.

Then he says to keep Saturdays free, but "no promises". "Okay, so just play it by ear?" I ask "No dude, I know you game on the weekends. Save some time for me. I matter too. My time matters." so I take that as to put priority on Saturdays and Sundays but if he cancels now and then, cool.

So the last MONTH no messages, no calls. I finally get a message "Oh dude, I was at a wedding" For a month? "No, no, but I had to get ready" "OH, so you were best man, of usher?" "Nah, no. Nothing like that" "Okay, well...what do you mean you had to 'get ready'" "You know, I had to dress up" "Oh...kay...what were you doing the week before last week?" "Oh I just went over to Bill's and played Mech Warrior." "Bill got married!" "No, no, different guy. I don't even know the guy at the wedding, he's from work, but I figure 'eh, I got nothing going on' Bill's got a new PC though. So I went over to play Mech-" "This was two weekends ago?" "Yeah, yeah" " know you asked me to keep my weekends open" "Yeah, yeah, but that's for if I'm bored, I want you to be available. I know you're usually busy on weekends. I wanted to hang."

Jeez I was upset. So this weekend I'm gaming without him. Guy has burned the bridge every time I try to rebuild it. So I'm done, just done. I have better things to do then listen to him make sex jokes and play the world's slowest game of cards. I was worried he was like, hurt or something. Nope, dude's just wanting me to be some sad sack. Fruit that! Fruit that so hard it runs juice.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 13:30
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

So, I think I know why my body tries to prevent me from getting a good night's sleep. The last two times I've allowed myself to sleep in and get some REM sleep, my mind decided to set up some fruit you dreams in both of them.
I hate you, subconcious.
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Wed 4 Jul 2018
at 18:32

Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Look... three of your "lovely, peaceful, gentle dogs" are actually murderous little psychotic rat-blueberries who have, on multiple occasions, tried to kill your fourth dog, which is still a puppy.  We are sick of cleaning up her wounds, just because you insist that all four of them need to be kept in the same pen at all times.

We have other work to do besides keeping an eye on your brutes.  Other customer's dogs need exercising, feeding, and generally looking after (much nicer dogs than yours - even the grouchy pitbull).  We clean all the pens daily, in fact we clean the whole building daily.  We keep the outdoor pens and the garden clean and tidy.  We rebuild furniture that certain dogs have wrecked.

We do not have the manpower to baby-sit your precious little snowflakes every second of the day.  You don't pay enough for us to hire more staff specially to keep an eye on your dogs.  We don't have the time to listen to your rants about how you should get even more of a discount because your dogs are so impeccably well behaved.  And no, we don't include fighting, ripping up the furnishings in the pen, and... er... performing their biological functions indoors (having just been outside for an hour) in a list of good behaviour.  Oh, and they have gas... more than enough to provide the energy needs of an industrialised European country.  You seriously need to reconsider their diet.

The fact that we called you because your pup was attacked again (and the person who broke it up got her arm bitten), and you chose to phone our boss and blame us for the pup's injuries, is the reason she told you your dogs are no longer welcome here.  That, and the fact that you lied to her about their behaviour.

Guess you'll need to find someone else to put up with their stench, and their vicious temperaments.  Thank you for your business.  Remember to close the gate on your way out.
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
at 23:04
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

You know you're sleep deprived when...
  • you stare at the food in the refrigerator, having not eaten in hours, and after a good 90 seconds have the question mentally present itself "What do I DO with it?" You eat it dumb ass!
  • You think the above is funny, and think about writing it as a snarky joke. Stand there, zoning for another 40 seconds, and then realize you need to eat. But first you must choose the food and take it to sit down.
  • The immediately above course are "things that are hard to do"!
  • You forgot where you put the food.
  • You also think that's funny.
  • Yet you somehow circle back to the first point, because "the FUD must be the fridge! Dur!"

I thankfully only had nearly two full circuits and found my food and am eating it ravenously, like it's Good Friday.
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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 00:58
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Somehow my father refusing to mind his diabetes and nearly going blind is somehow my fault entirely.

Somehow the front desk girl fruting up our appointment times with the ophthalmologist is my fault.

That he hasn't made an appointment with his PCP is my fault as well.



But sure, I'll become his unpaid case worker now. That's what the eldest kid does for their parents, right?

Fruit, I'm tired today.
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Sun 29 Jul 2018
at 10:49
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I'm kind of tired of joining games where I'll ask repeatedly if there are huge power disparities between characters/if I'm making a redundant character/if I'm making a character with interests that won't have anything to do with where the game is going, be assured up and down that I'm not, and then..

I'll make a therapist, and whoops, someone else can basically cure mental trauma as one off magic power uses.

I'll make a combat focused character that can be part of a collaborative effort to take an enemy down, saving basically a person, while someone else can kill an entire group of that enemy, by themselves, in short order, saving an entire village.

I'll make a character where I'll outline the parts of the campaign premise they're interested in, only for those parts to have nothing to do with what then happens in game.


It's especially wearying to note having a problem with that sort of thing and not getting much more than some really, really arch, defensively insulting, scare quotes and all response that the only way anyone could have a problem with that sort of thing is if they themselves wanted to be more special than everyone else. Or getting a line about just incapable of understanding how a game should work. Like, as far as being redundant, if you don't enjoy being Superman's sidekick, you are morally deficient somehow as a person/a player of games.

No, I don't want to be more special than everyone else. No, I'm not asking for special storylines where my character "shines" more than anyone else. I just want to feel like I'm contributing in some equal fashion in a group of peers via the stuff my character is good at. That's really all.

It doesn't feel like that should be that unreasonable an ask but I guess it is?

Even something basic like "you've made a character that does X, but bear in mind that there are other characters in the game who can do X so much better than you ever could" would be appreciated when I'm actually making the character.

Or just "those parts of the campaign you're focusing on aren't going to come up anytime soon actually."
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Fri 24 Aug 2018
at 20:40
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

So I'm going nuts. I'm not a person who suffers from anxiety or anything else, I'm fairly laid back (with the occasional hulk temper)

Roughly 8 months ago I accepted a position with slightly less pay, BUT it was just down the street from where I live and allowed me to actually see my 3 year old son for more than an hour a day. It was announced about a week ago, a single day before my vacation, that the store is closing. So instead of having a nice relaxing vacation I have to cancel several plans so I can talk to the nearby stores as I'm guaranteed a job (any job) by the company due to this situation.

I've been through plant shutdowns before and it never really bothered me. Now however while I'm guaranteed a job it is going to be further away than the job I  left in order to be with my family. I'm looking back, as one sometimes does in this situation, only to see that every time I've done something for the benefit of family life it had turned out bad.

So here I am sitting, waiting, for corporate to talk to me about my offered position. All that is running through my head is why is this crap happening. It isn't like I've done anything wrong, the store closing isn't my fault and normally I'm able to simply let it slide away.
Why haven't I been able to properly eat for the last few days.
Sleep just really isn't happening thanks to my mind just not shutting down.
Why is it bothering me this time and not the several times before.
I've tried to talk to a few people but the only answer I get is "you have to do what is best for yourself" I did and now I'm in this situation so that advice sucks fruitcake.

Doesn't help that tension at work is like an old rubber band stretched to the limit for far to long.
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The fifth in a series of
odd things you saw today.
Tue 11 Sep 2018
at 01:36
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

BLUEBERRIES will literally download an app to get haunted before they download an app for the pharmacy. And to top it all off, they have the AUDACITY to get mad because of a brief hold of 2 minutes when they call to see if their meds are ready. I'm not asking you to be Steve Jobs,  but dumplings, try to put some effort into it! "Is my prescription ready?" No, Tammy, it isn't because I have to keep stopping to answer the phone because 7 other people decided to ask me that question AT THE SAME TIME and 20 more just fell into my production queue. GO CALL YOUR MOM AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
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Tue 11 Sep 2018
at 15:56
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Yes, we know what a "sandbox" game is. Yes, we know what you think the advantages are. No, you're not clever or unique for taking that approach. You can all now stop re-explaining it in every thread about GMing.
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 21:58

Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

It's really very sad how much of my job has come to consist of forwarding emails back and forth to people who will NOT talk to each other.

When I don't feel like a den mother, I feel like a child playing mediator between two divorcing parents.

Will you tell your father to pick up eggs on the way home?

Dad, Mom wants you to pick up eggs on the way home.

Tell your mother that I'm going to be working late tonight.  I'll do it, but they won't be there until 8:00pm.

Mom, Dad says he'll pick up eggs, and he'll be home around 8:00.

Tell your father that ..

Oh, for crying out loud ...

Even when I just forward the emails, they'll still only reply to me ... and yet if it's a frazzlefruit chain email sent to 50 people, THAT they'll use 'Reply All' to.
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Mon 29 Oct 2018
at 23:17
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was off-topic, at 03:18, Tue 30 Oct 2018.
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Tue 30 Oct 2018
at 06:53
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

We've got one evening...five shows...left.  And we've got one piece of moving scenery that's decided that, after half of last year's Halloween season, and almost all of this one, it's done working the way it's supposed to.  It's a pair of motorized doors, that are supposed to open on command...

Sometimes, they open exactly as programmed.  Sometimes, they open at the same time...but it's five or six seconds after I hit the cue on the control list for them to open.  Sometimes, one opens and the other stays shut for several seconds, and THEN opens.  Sometimes, one only opens halfway, and the other doesn't even move...

We only really need them to operate as designed at two points in the show...once opening, once closing...everything else, we've got a workaround for.  But it's at the point where every time we come to that first, crucial cue for them to open, both the actor on stage 'opening' them, and me back in the control room hitting the button, are both praying under our breath, "Please, just let them open this time..."

It's not like we can just run out and buy replacements.  These were shipped over from Denmark, a special order.  The reason we only used them for half the season last year is because they took two months to ship.  We have no replacements for them.  Whichever show they decide they're finally DONE, our season is over, because there's no good way to do what we use them for without those motors, and there are two or three crucial elements to the show dependent on them opening on cue (and, to a lesser extent, closing on cue).

And nobody's got any reasonable explanation as to why, suddenly, after being absolutely trouble-free for so long, they have become a total headache.  Not knowing why it's not working properly is almost as frustrating as not knowing if it's going to work at all this time.

Five more shows, guys...just hold it together for five more shows.  After that, I don't care.  The season's done, we've got until next September to figure it out.  Just...get through the last night.  Please.
The Stray
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Wed 21 Nov 2018
at 20:23
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

This message was deleted by a moderator, as it was against the forum rules, at 14:51, Sat 24 Nov 2018.
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Tue 4 Dec 2018
at 09:32
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I now have a deep scar on my back because the hospital didn't just drop the ball, they played golf and shot it over an electric fence by a sewage center water deposit. They were supposed to help me get wound care, that accepts Medicare. Those were the only two qualifications. The first took them nearly 20 days, and they gave up "That's all I can do" with the second. Yeah, thanks. Dip shiitake mushroom! in that sewage and eat it on your way to hell, because it's the closest to Awesome Blossom you're getting.

Medicare paid you $5000 to do your job. Idiot..."Well I don't know what to tell you." Really? because it['s been nearly three weeks. I'm guessing when you were in med school you were allowed to turn in your homework late, or had open book tests. Flippin idiots! "Well I'm just telling you what the computer says" Hmmm, why don't you let me read it myself, while you call someone.

I swear, if there's an afterlife, I want to keep this body for the flipping story the scars tell. "Oh yeah, that one? they gave me Morphine for it, and all it did was give me a headache"
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Mon 7 Jan 2019
at 03:45
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Two years ago I was busy making a homebrew fallout/After the bomb/Basic Roleplaying Mashup. I spent a LOT of time getting things set. I wanted to keep the tongue in cheek SPECIAL attributes from the whole fallout series and everything. I Even had a home made G.O.A.T. questionnaire to help people make characters, I was kinda of proud of it.

However life was such that I never had time to Table Top RP. Instead of being able to do more than a basic testing I was forced to shelve it. Now just tonight I had one of the people who was helping me do some basic tweeks gets a hold of me and wants  to see if he could use my system/playtest for a group that wants to do some Fallout RPing, he just happened to remember that I started one that he was at least basically familiar with the core features.

I was all excited to have someone actually be able to "stress test" the system, add in that I had some free time open up and was able to sit in on a few sessions. I happily get home tonight after work and head to where I have it stored. Yup, there is the storage, yup there is the folder,

Wait, what? The whole folder is empty? What the Heck?
I know I have a USB of it around here somewhere. Maybe it is there, nope, not there, not here either. I've found EVERY STINKING USB but the one that I'm sure had it on.

So now. I'm reaching out to the two people who I gave a final copy to, almost 2 years ago. Now I'm here heart sunk and gone hoping to whatever higher power that isn't sadistically evil, that one of those final copies survived. I found v1, but it is SO changed to my final that it is almost useless in recreating what I'm after.
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Sat 26 Jan 2019
at 23:32
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I feel like a failure as GM. More over, I feel like a failure as a human being. I seldom feel guilt about it, as I consistently try the best I can, and only short of making being a GM, or good housekeeper more important than things like eating, and bathing.

I have PSTD, OCD and Tourettes, those who know me know this quite early in their getting to know me. It's difficult though. Because my maximum is often at other poeple's minimum.

I get a lot of grief from players (not often but in large doses) when I fail, and I can't help but feel for them, I am a flake in that I update my games infrequently, and have no job but homemaker. I should by rights being doing more, but I have tried. Sat for hours, and I mean 13+ hours on a game just doing updates and answering questions. Most of which is the cognitive handling, not writing. I write long posts, but in reality they take very little time in comparison. It seems like I should be posting much more, and have much more successful games. There are GMs whom have my post rate in one year which I had to earn by luck and several years.

I am thankful I have a select few players whom are diehard supporters of me. When I give up on myself, they don't, and it's for them and because of them I get back in the saddle again.

More on the vent is my life. I am disabled and receiving federal disability benefits. I have contemplated suicide on countless occasions, but never attempted it. I have tried, believe it or not, to get mental help in mental hospital citing I don't want to die, but feel I am only a drain, not contributing force to the world. Of the four or five times (if you count the time they never saw me in five hours) I've never been committed, despite asking to be. One doctor even said "Come back, if you are ever serious about killing yourself" which I was aghast at. Serious about?

In the end, I value friendship of my highest priority. I would, will, and have sacrificed sleep, eating, and even other fatigues to be with friends. I just wish I had better luck with people, and could spend the time in better quality.
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Wed 30 Jan 2019
at 18:30
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

About six months ago, my wife and I came up with a plan to FINALLY escape the South (US). We talked it over, ironed out any and all wrinkles, and transferring my job to Vermont where we have always dreamed of going. After we had literally all the kinks worked out, we let my sister and brother-in-law know and told them what we were going to do, as we knew both of them were fundamentally unhappy living in the South, too.

About the middle of October, my sister invites us out to dinner and she gives us this whole song and dance about how Maine is like Vermont, only better - especially for her husband who is retired military and exceptionally sick. Although we hedged and hemmed, we relented to change our plans in order to move up to Maine at her urging so that all four of us would have a support network in place. By the next week, their house was sold and in the process of closing and all that stuff (they lived in a pricey city/college town). My wife and I were not ready to go, yet, but we were told by them both that we would be welcome to stay with them, use their vehicle, and all that good stuff until we could get on our feet. We agreed, though with a huge amount of reservation, but we were worried about them, y'know? I'm the elder sibling. It's my job to look after her.

Turns out, Maine is not as..well..accommodating to transplants in the middle of winter. My job refused to transfer to Maine due to the shipping costs of my product line (after I had been assured it wasn't a problem) and it took me until last Tuesday to finally get a job. This caused my Bipolar 2 Disorder to kick in full tilt from the end of December up hasn't stopped, yet and if you have, or know someone with this condition, you know it isn't pleasant. It basically robs you of your motivation to even live, let alone manage basic human functions like eating and sleeping. During this two month period, my sister goes out of her way to treat my wife like absolute human garbage and a slave. Then once my wife stopped interacting with her completely, she turned on me - speaking to me in condescending tones, "correcting" my mistakes with adamant disgust, or - as it has been this entire week - cooking literally all the food that we bought "for the house", as per our agreement, and then discarding it afterwards because it "didn't turn out right". I haven't eaten all week (since last Tuesday) because all we've had in the house that she hasn't destroyed yet is Pop Tarts and Ramen Noodles and I turned those over to my wife because I'll NEVER let my wife or our pets go hungry. I'll starve to death before that happens!

Last night, my Crohn's Disease flared up in a bad way after several months of remission and I got about forty-five minutes of sleep. After I walked my wife to work in a foot of snow and subzero temperatures, I came into my room and went to sleep. About two hours later, there came a banging on my door. Dear SIster wanted me to "get off my lazy rear end" and go shovel the driveway. I said I would and she demanded to know why it wasn't already done. I explained to her that, between finally getting my first day of work, walking my wife to work (because we've been denied use of the car at her instruction) and my Crohn's, I wasn't exactly feeling up to shoveling snow at 5 AM. She said that didn't matter because she "might" want to go somewhere later. I said fine, all you had to do was mention that and I would have done what I could to assist her exodus. Might have taken several hours, but it would have been done like the last time. After I finished shoveling, she says to her husband in a voice that I *know* she uses when she's trying to make sure she's heard by the person she's talking about that, "she'll be glad when we're gone" and that "we're leeching off of them".

For the record, we've bought all the groceries, helped clean and repair this 110 year old shack, shovel the snow every day it snows, put gas in the car (that we're forbidden from using), and helping out with whatever little odds and ends that are asked/demanded of us while she stays in bed until 10 AM, then goes downstairs and naps on the couch until 4 or 5 PM.

So after this final blowup this morning, I sat alone in our bedroom and cried for an hour and a half because my sister, my blood, used me and used my wife to fulfill her dream - yes, Maine is not where my BIL wanted to move to. He was fine with Vermont. My sister, the architect of this madness, screwed all of us over for her own selfish desires. I called my mother this morning and begged her to put together about $2000 for us to come back home with because we're flat broke. Then, as I was doing the house's laundry while waiting for the call back from my mom, my sister walks downstairs to the basement and goes, "You, your bumper sticker wife, and your fruiting pets need to be out this weekend." My BIL then came downstairs and said, "I tried to stop her. I don't know what's gotten into her, but I'm sorry."

I'm currently waiting for the call back.
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Mon 25 Feb 2019
at 19:30
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I like my IT job most of the time, I fruiting hate that I was born with anxiety, easily distracted and hipotyroidism which makes me always the runt in the teams because I can't frogging run at the same speed others do with natural ease.
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Tue 26 Feb 2019
at 07:34
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

I'm not sure when 'pest control' got added to my job description (although, in this particular case, I did it to myself...but that's after years of seeing that if I didn't do it, it wouldn't get done)...

But I had to dispose of three dead rats this morning, when I got to work.  Two of them were dead when I got there.  I had to kill the third one.  And I'm pretty sure from the mess he left behind that he disposed of a fourth one before I found him (the empty rat trap and bloody floor nearby were pretty big hints...)

I think that's enough 'Monday morning ick' for the rest of the year, thanks...
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Mon 8 Apr 2019
at 01:26
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Y'know...if you're going to have your character try and pull rank, it would be prudent to actually investigate and make sure your character has the brass to do it...because when you're wrong, you look really foolish.  Especially when you try to keep arguing the point long after you've been shown a website that displays, quite readily, just how wrong you really were.
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Thu 18 Apr 2019
at 15:40
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Link says it all really.

And it basically means I'm f%&£#d!
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Thu 18 Apr 2019
at 16:15
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Re: NOTHING but VENTS - Vent all you want without replies

Fudge anyone who ever puts their morals and decency aside for a paycheck. Fudge anyone who says that the ends justifies the means as an excuse to do evil and corrupt things.

How in the heck can the greater good be good if it is composed entirely of evils!?!?!?

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