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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 17:02
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
There seems to less posts then this time last year.

Has the rise in VTT caused PbP to less popular then ever or is it just the normal summer doldrums?
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 18:21
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
I dunno?   For  My games, especially the space hame, i get  maybe..20  RTJs  a year, out of those.. maybe  10  are 'for  real'..out of those, Maybe  5 are accepted, and maybe  2  stay.

 my slower games get  about the same  attention, but less  bother  after i answer...There are  'game butterflies ' who go game to game because they like  to set up a charcter, then get 'bored' real quick..there are DMs like that who shut  down games after  a month or less.

 the last two instances  her PBP...the other stuff is  just the new thing, fad, trendy ect ect...PBP is  the back bone for   'world  wide' gamign, because people  can step in and answer posts when they have the  chance,  any  live  interaction  must be planned.
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 22:58
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
Some of us plan to never switch from a text based medium to an audio/visual one.
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 23:03
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
There seems to have been a dramatic drop-off in forum activity just in the short time I've been a member.

Pbp, as Hunter mentions, is all there will be for some of us. I also have no desire for a/v driven games.
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Sat 10 Apr 2021
at 00:16
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
I certainly don't spend NEARLY as much time on RPoL after I got into TTS. On TTS, if I feel bad, it's evident by the mic. I can also get a scene set up, mute my mic (to tic) and just listen. I can't read while ticing, so yeah, TTS impacted my RP experience positively. I still love RPoL, but TTS is now my go to.

Though on TTS alot LESS people go by Youtube DM shows, like CriticalRoll, and Matt Coleville; nor do they value forums. They have enough play time to ignore these pitfalls. So that has also significantly impacted my preference for TTS. RPoL will never be replaced for me though.

The reason I joined is the reason I stay; I just find myself trying less and less to force the medium to be something it's not. I love being able to record scenes as said, and for "magic" that allows perfect recall, it's excellent. So many games have some perk, power, or spell, for perfect recall. No group I've been a part of has savant memory, so such powers largely become poitns of contention...or worse...worthless. Morever, when you find gems of linguistical poetry, be it dialogue or description, it lasts pretty much "forever" I love that about RPoL.

In a word, yeah. It's affected people I use to game with on here. By no means though, is that a site-wide thing. I can only speak for the dozen users that mostly migrated to TTS, myself being one of them.
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Sat 10 Apr 2021
at 01:03
Has TV Killed the Radio Star?
No clue what VTT is, but I do feel that PbP has taken a hit for some reason, things seem much slower than they used to be, all the time. I really don't consider April 'summertime'. We took the typical winter-time hit, and things came back a little, but I think the heyday for me was years ago.