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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 21:51
Not Betty White!!
Betty White passed away today, mere hours from 2022 and weeks from turning 100.

Fruit You, 2021! This better not be 2022 trying to get an early start on a horrible new year. ;_;
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 21:52
Not Betty White!!
I mean, 99 is a pretty solid run. I'm actually kind of happy for her, if that makes sense?

Should that we all have such a long and full life!
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 21:54
Not Betty White!!
She would have been 100 January 17, but 2021 just had to get in one final parting shot.
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 22:13
Not Betty White!!
sad , sad news.
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 22:38
Not Betty White!!
18 more days till 100, so sad. She was a fun person and will be greatly missed.
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Fri 31 Dec 2021
at 23:04
Not Betty White!!
Rest in Peace she was a wonderful actress
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Sat 1 Jan 2022
at 01:02
Not Betty White!!
Sad, was really expecting her to beat George Burns.
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Sat 1 Jan 2022
at 03:34
Not Betty White!!
A true great. Seemed to always be full of life. And sadly The Golden Girls are now gone. She'll be missed for sure.
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Sat 1 Jan 2022
at 03:38
Not Betty White!!
RIP you were a part of my life since I was little <3 we'll pour one out for you tonight !
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Sat 1 Jan 2022
at 04:38
Not Betty White!!
Just heard the news from my friend. She's a bit shaken (my friend is) over this.

I heard she was planning a big "binge" for her birthday, and that plans are still going on for the movie (?) showing from producers at the event that is to take place, and would have any way.

I gotta say, it stings. Four people (celebrities) have hit me hard. She's one of them. I'm glad it wasn't a stroke, that would have prevented her expression, but it's sad all the same.

She is and will be <3'd.
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Sun 2 Jan 2022
at 01:51
Not Betty White!!

RIP Betty.
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Sun 2 Jan 2022
at 09:33
Not Betty White!!
She was one of a kind.
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Mon 3 Jan 2022
at 19:22
Not Betty White!!