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Sat 30 May 2015
at 02:21
Game Ads for oWoD games
The Rules

1. One ad per game.
2. No bumping.
3. If you need to announce any changes, edit your original ad.
4. Adult games must be clearly marked as such.
5. The RPoL Management strongly encourages you to also place an ad in Wanted-Players if you place one here.

This thread will self-destruct six months after the date of the first ad in the thread.

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Tue 28 Feb 2017
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Game Ads for oWoD games
link to a message in another game

Welcome to Los Angeles, city of broken dreams.

Having build up a good amount of Technocrats to safeguard the city against the depradations of supernatural threats we we have opened the city to other factions to add to our population.

We've recently added Vampires, Ghouls, Fallen, Changelings, Mummies almost doubling the population.

I'm currently looking to add some Tradition, Technocracy or Orphan Mages to the mix.
Welcoming character concepts.

The game is set to Mature. A decent grasp of english and regular posts are highly appreciated.