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Resources for Anime and Manga systems

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BESM various
BESM 'house rules':

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Tenra Bansho Zero
Emotion Matrix table for use with Tenra Bansho Zero:

D66 roll123456
1Unsettled mindAcquaintanceDesirePursuerNostalgiaAnnihilation
2LoyaltyThey Hate YouLike Your ChildDark DreamsAdmirationHmmmm...
3HatredI Am SalvationA Warning!Deep ImpressionRivalCompanionship
4Purity/InnocenceKilling IntentLove At First SightFearLike A Brother/SisterUnstable Emotions
5SoulmateMasterShockGoodwillChains of FateStrange Interest
6Déjà VuChaosWorthy RivalThirst For Your BloodBlood RelativeA Dark Flame